I was building a life in my comfort zone, the Collective brought me out of hiding.

Jennifer Mingucci VP of Sales at Kidville

Do You…


You know you have potential that’s waiting to be unleashed. You know that you’re capable of making big waves of good in the world, and you want community and resources to begin.


You’re excited to find the larger purpose in what you do. You move from client to client or project to project wanting more direction and clarity on how to make the impact you desire.


You move from network to network but never feel like you’ve found your place. You crave a genuine group of women who care about building more than just a career.

You're in the right place

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Take 2018 by storm with our 2018 theme: Our Ownership

What does it look like for us as women who are working toward advancing good in the world to OWN who we are, our stories and the issues we see happening all around us? What does it look like when we STOP longing for what we don’t have, and start owning what we DO have? What if we stopped denying our passion, our art, and started acknowledging it, giving it room in our lives?

What if we stopped the comparison game and started to OWN who we are as unique, individual women? What if we took ownership of the issues our world is facing and come together to make a change?

This isn’t just my ownership, or yours. It’s OURS.

Join us each month throughout 2018 as we dive into a different focus of ownership, all equipping you to take ownership of your life, who you were meant to be and your personal impact on the world.

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Make 2018 the year you take ownership of your life

January • Tenderness

Goal setting with grace

February • Respect

When it's hard to love yourself, respect yourself

March • Heritage

Looking at where we've come from & the impact our history has on us

April • Privilege

Understanding privilege & what it means

May • Voice

Discover, Refine & Share your TRUE voice

June • Body

Connecting with our physical selves

July • Ability

Recognizing your potential to learn and do

August • Belong

Understanding our belonging to ourselves, our communities and the world

September • Invest

Intentional emotional, financial & relational investing

October • Weird

Embracing our quirks and using them to our advantage

November • Conflict

December • Reflect

Exclusive Access to Our Digital Member Hub

Consider it your virtual creative lady library you can access from anywhere:

  • Video interviews with female founders, leaders, and activists
  • Past Yellow Conference speaker video recordings
  • Workbook downloads aimed at helping you take charge of your life and move forward with impact
  • Various printable downloads & other goodies
  • Monthly custom playlist for Yellow Collective members curated by Jessica Blackstock

Monthly Gatherings

The best part of the membership are the women who make it :)

  • Connect with other women working together for the good of the world
  • If you’re local to one of our 12 national chapters, attend an in-person event. If you’re not local, attend our digital event!
  • Private Facebook group & weekly Slack chats where we connect on the focus for that month.
  • Learn from peer to peer mentoring, make new friends and change the world together!

Monthly Packet Mailed to Your Door

Every month your packet includes:

  • A magazine filled with interactive content surrounding our theme for the month. Every issue will lead you toward making powerful changes in your life.
  • A challenge designed to help you take what you’ve learned and bring it to life.
  • Various discounts & vouchers for products we love!

  • Exclusive ticket prices for annual conference and events

  • Discounts to partnering do-good resources and products

  • Free shipping in the US

Your membership is making an impact

Your membership helps employ at-risk youth, empower women globally, and supports other initiatives taking place across the world.

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Membership FAQ

Membership value is delivered in 3 ways. Physically, with a monthly packet mailed to your door. Digitally, with access to our online hub of tools, resources and digital chats and webcasts. Lastly, in-person. We host monthly in-person gatherings with our chapters across the US. If you’re not in a location with an in-person chapter, we have digital chapters that meet on Zoom once a month!

Currently we have chapters in West LA, Downtown LA, Orange County, San Diego, Bay Area, New York City, Cincinnati, Austin, Chicago, Denver and Tulsa. The gatherings are centered around our focus for the month, but each chapter throws in their own flare! The goal is for you to receive your magazine, go through the content and the questions, then come together with your group and talk through the focus for that month. Every gathering ends with a ‘helping circle’ where each woman has an ask, and each woman commits to helping that person for that month. We always leave feeling inspired, having things to think about, and having new goals to implement into our lives. They’re pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.

If you’re in the US, We offer free shipping, but international shipping prices vary depending on your location. Feel free to chat us below for more info!


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