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The Yellow Co. PIONEERThere are two books in the Bible named after women…Two of sixty-six books have a women’s name in small caps at the top of every page as a reminder to whose story you’re reading. I’m not talking from a spiritual perspective, but a historic and literary one. Do you understand the significance? Whether you believe them to be true or false isn’t the point (right now, at least), this was groundbreaking.

No matter what you believe about politics, or who you voted for this past election, we were inches away from having our first woman president. Whether you liked Hilary Clinton, despised her, didn’t trust her, loved her, idolized her…this, too was groundbreaking. 

I held my newborn girl, watching her concession speech, with tear streaming down my face because, for the first time, after all the craze of this past year in politics, it sunk in that we were just _that _much closer to having a woman president. What I thought about her in that moment didn’t matter-all I could think about was the world my daughter was going to one day step into, and how I can teach her to make brave choices.

## _I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but some day someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think right now. -**Hillary Clinton**_
[ ](https://yellow-blog-images.imgix.net/2016/12/MG_2603.jpg)There's a book in the Bible named after [Ruth;](https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ruth+1&version=MSG) it's the account of a woman becoming a widow and following her also widowed mother-in-law back to her homeland. She didn’t know what would be waiting for her when she arrived, if she would be accepted or mistreated as a foreigner. She didn't know if she would remarry or stay widowed forever. She didn't know if she'd ever have kids (a big deal back then) or if she would be homeless or starving. But Ruth did what she believed was right. She chose the costly thing.[![The Yellow Co. Blog](https://yellow-blog-images.imgix.net/2016/12/MG_2603.jpg)](https://yellow-blog-images.imgix.net/2016/12/MG_2603.jpg)
She worked long days to bring food to her mother-in-law and was unafraid of getting her hands dirty to care for the one who needed her most. She risked everything for the sake, safety, and security of someone else; someone who was desperate, alone, and vulnerable to danger.
[![The Yellow Co. Blog](https://yellow-blog-images.imgix.net/2016/12/MG_2612.jpg)](https://yellow-blog-images.imgix.net/2016/12/MG_2612.jpg) I have a picture ripped from a magazine above my desk of cupped hands covered in dirt-as if the woman in the photograph had been gardening or digging in the dirt. I look at it daily to remind myself that _I’m not meant to have manicured hands_—figuratively, I am meant to dig my hands into the trenches, to rest my knees in the mud, and **_do work._** It’s a reminder to not be afraid to get a dirt under my nails, and maybe even a bit on my face as I use my arm to push my hair back, because _this_ is where life happens. I am meant to step out--and you are too. 

I am meant to break new ground; to cut through the weeds of uncharted territory; to accept twisted paths and chart unfamiliar roads. 

And you are too. 

I am a pioneer.
WE are pioneers. 

And it’s not easy to be a pioneer. It’s not easy to be the first at something. To endure an expedition takes guts before the glory of your arrival.  You’ve heard it before, haven’t you? A ship at harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are for.

Friends, **safety is  not what we are made for. **What are you running towards? Where are you breaking new ground? 

The Yellow Co. BlogAre you ready to step out? You’re not alone you know.  We were not meant to have manicured hands. Let’s press deeper into the ground we’ve already started to unearth. You ready? 

This is Pioneer.

Photos by Karen Marie Co. 

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