5 Tips to Travel Consciously This Summer

Summer days are close on the horizon, bringing us into a time of sun-kissed bare shoulders, warm evenings, and a spirit of freedom and exploration. Here at Yellow, we’re huge enthusiasts of traveling whenever and wherever you can. We believe it widens our perspectives, nurtures the soul, and grows us as individuals in the best way. So needless to say, we were thrilled to partner with Alaska Airlines for our Yellow Co. Ownership Tour stop in Seattle (their home base!) a few weeks ago, and for our upcoming 2018 Conference in LA! Alaska is not only our kindred spirit in our love for travel and calling the West Coast home, but in empowering women, taking care of the environment as the most fuel efficient airline in the U.S., and being a conscious traveler. As we all start planning our getaways for the season, we’ve teamed up today to share a few ways you can travel consciously this season.

Whether we’re taking a local staycation or going international to a land we’ve yet to see, our daily routines and lifestyle can easily get shifted. In many ways, this can be a lovely (and necessary) break. But when it comes to living a conscious, sustainable lifestyle, many people think it’s a part of themselves they have to leave at home.

Living a socially and environmentally conscious lifestyle is truly possible to take with you anywhere you go.

Taking a trip doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your values and efforts to live a life that impacts the world, and those around you, for good. Check out our tips below for a few ways you can start!

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1. Bring a refillable water bottle and/or coffee thermos to fill up along your trip.

Whether you’re hiking up a mountain or strolling through a new city, you’ll have to stay hydrated (and caffeinated, of course) along the way. While many of us have gotten into the habit of carrying along reusable water bottles these days, we forget that bringing along a coffee thermos can cut down on a massive amount of paper and plastic waste that would be created by grabbing your morning latte on the road. A few favorite recommendations? Miir creates excellent thermoses, and Memobottle makes reusable water bottles that are flat - perfect for reducing bulk in your bag (not to mention, both of these brands are built on a give back model).

2. Travel with a sustainable airline.

We may not realize it, but there are so many ways airlines can use sustainable and eco-friendly practices. From fuel efficiency, to composting coffee grounds from the many cups they make daily, we’ve loved learning from Alaska how airlines can impact our environment for the better from the sky. So read up on the practices of the airlines you fly, and make it a priority to book your flights with a eco-conscious one!

3. Support local businesses while you travel rather than chains.

For many cities and countries, tourism is a major part of their local economy. It’s important to give back to the places you visit by supporting the communities there - whether that means eating at a family-run restaurant in the area, grabbing coffee from a local roaster, or even staying at a small hotel or rental home as opposed to a large chain. Not only does making these choices as a consumer support the area you’re visiting, but they often create a much richer experience while traveling, giving you a true taste for the local culture.

5 Tips on Traveling Consciously This Summer - Yellow Co.jpeg

4. Grab your travel essentials from do-good brands.

From bathing suits to beach towels, from luggage to sunscreen, the options for incorporating products that impact the world for good into your suitcase are virtually endless! So when you start browsing for the perfect sundress, or run to the store to grab a few travel-sized beauty products, pay attention to the brands you buy from. Whether it be an ethically-made clothing company (Hackwith Design House is a favorite of ours) or a line of clean beauty products (Herbivore is a great go-to that offers items in small, travel-friendly sizes) you can choose to make the essentials you bring along on your trip meaningful.

5. Support women-run businesses while you travel.

In addition to supporting local businesses along your trip, add women-owned or women-run businesses to your list! By doing just a little bit of researching, you’ll find plenty of shops to browse, services to use, and food to taste - all that supports the livelihood of women in the area.

Photos by Amy Hulst

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