2018 Yellow Conference

Thu, Aug 23 - Fri, Aug 24

A gathering for creative women who are making an impact and using their gifts, skills and talents to serve the greater good.

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Succinctly: It will change your life and your business. With less brevity: No conference, class, online course or even mentoring session I’ve ever had has provided me as much value as did the two days at Yellow.

2018 theme:

Our Ownership

Join 500 creative, entrepreneurial-minded women in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles for a gathering that is so much more than a conference. This is for the ones who desire to fight for a better tomorrow. The ones who are willing to roll up their sleeves, step out in courage, and use their creativity for good. This is where we come together for the benefit of humankind.

This year our 2018 theme is “Our Ownership”. It’s no secret millennials aren’t owning items like cars, houses and music like previous generations. Although we are less inclined to own when it comes to material possessions, what if we were known as a generation who knows how to own who they are? Owning the stories, dreams, visions, passions and abilities we have. Owning the problems of the world instead of turning a blind eye. Owning the fact that we’re in this together as global citizens. Join us as we dive into this theme at our 2018 conference.

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Past speakers

Holley Murchison: Oratory Glory
Holley Murchison

Founder & CEO, Oratory Glory

Maggie Doyne: BlinkNow Foundation
Maggie Doyne

Founder & CEO, BlinkNow Foundation

Ruthie Lindsey:
Ruthie Lindsey

Speaker & Stylist

Wow, oh wow, this year just proved once again that no matter how young or old, any creative woman can seek the groundbreaking inspiration poured out from this conference. Absolutely can't wait until next year!

The Do-Good Goods Marketplace

The Yellow Do-Good Goods marketplace was amazing! We've never met such a wonderful group of like-minded women who were genuinely interested in products that give back. As for sales, this is the most successful marketplace we've ever been a part of.

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Apply for the 2018 marketplace here. Questions? Email kathryn@yellowco.co

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