The 5 Podcasts You Need to Add to Your Playlist

I’m just going to come out and say it, hoping it’s never been said before. Podcast bingeing is the new Netflix bingeing. Am I right?!

The world of podcasting is becoming vast and varied, all the better to feed our new addictions. I personally love taking note of how each podcast has different little editing features, which keeps things interesting.

There are so many ways to consume information, but listening to people share their story has a way of helping us connect much deeper.

As the world morphs into more and more of a place where the access to information is infinite, we’re too easily forgetting that all of these varied perspectives and passions were once hidden behind closed doors. I love the glimpse into niche places that podcasts give us, and the characters you find there. Below are five podcasts I’ve gathered that do an incredible job sharing the wide variety of our human experiences - the inspiring, the heart-warming, and the struggles.

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The Moth

These are real stories, always told live, that are put out into the world to help us connect better. The Moth is about empathy for the human condition fostered via the age-old craft of telling a story, bringing us all closer together in the end.


The tagline for this podcast is, “Give a damn: News and analysis of the fight against inequity.” Need I say more? A great outlet for learning about some tough issues.

Armchair Expert

This podcast comes from Dax Shepard. I fell in love with Armchair Expert by listening to him and his wife, Kristen Bell, talk about life. It’s the one celebrity podcast I’ve added, since it’s real, funny, and delivers much more depth than you would think.

Being Boss

I am truly addicted to this podcast. I’ve been following it for years as these two creative entrepreneur, femme fatale’s keep us all motivated, educated, and being the boss of our own lives.

On Being

On Being is about the human experience and explores a lot of life’s big questions from the perspective of people all around the world, on varying subjects that all tie back into how we live our lives.

Bailey Van Tassel

Bailey is a writer, wife, and mother, as well as the Director of Generosity and Culture for Auric Road, a petite resort hospitality brand, where she creates unforgettable experiences for guests and the community. She brings a wealth of knowledge from over ten years of studying the way the private sector interacts with the social sector, and how cause marketing can change the world. She founded her own social responsibility firm, Abel Impact, and has worked with companies like Google, Sysco, MasterCard, Club Corp, and many others. Bailey’s ultimate passion lies in writing about home and happiness, along with her love for her family, yoga, cooking, and doing anything outside.