Challenge: Turn Side Hustle into Main Hustle

Every quarter, the [Yellow Collective members](/membership) are assigned a community challenge to set goals as a group, and have a bit of fun together in a way that is growth-oriented! **Last quarter, to go with our theme of ‘Pioneer’, the community challenge was to try something they’ve never done before.** It had to be something that scared them and they had to share about it publicly to hold them accountable. It could be anything — from trying to learn a new language to finally launching the business they’ve always wanted to start. We spoke to some of the [Collective](/membership) ladies to get some insight on their personal challenges — in the hopes that they inspire you to try new things this quarter as you learn to embrace the act of Wandering! Below is our interview with Danielle Welke, as she transitioned her side hustle into her full time job.
**After over 20 years in the veterinary field, Danielle Welke wanted to leave the clinical and teaching worlds to focus all her attention on her side hustle business, [MI ICE POPS]( While Danielle had been pursuing her popsicle business on the side for three years, she finally had the support she needed to take the leap and invest full-time in her dream. MI ICE POPS are small-batch, hand-crafted popsicles made with Michigan fruits and sweeteners.** A Michigan native and life-long resident of the Mitten State, Danielle wanted to create a business to support the state’s farmers and food producers. Whether it’s apples in the fall or cherries in the summer, she combines the fruits with Michigan beet sugar, maple syrup or honey and sells her tasty treats at farmers markets, restaurants and events. While business is clearly booming, Danielle told us why she started MI ICE POPS: “I wanted to connect with my community one on one and have fun while doing it...Who knows what will happen? Stay tuned!” We certainly plan on it! [![](](
### **Q: WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MAKING YOUR SIDE HUSTLE YOUR MAIN HUSTLE AS YOUR PIONEER CHALLENGE?** A: My whole idea of having a side hustle was to not only to increase my income but also to be able to leave my current career, to be able to travel in the winter and to have more time at home to do what I wanted. My veterinary career was incredibly stressful and I wanted a side hustle that was fun and I was able to interact with all kinds of people. My first year my side hustle didn’t make a lot of income but last year it actually exceeded what I made on my “real” job. So I decided to make the jump to leave and spend my time building my business and creating my empire. I joined Yellow this quarter because I knew I was going to make the jump and would need the understanding of lady entrepreneurs taking crazy chances to grow their own businesses. And it has been just pure happiness when I found out this quarter’s challenge. I truly was pioneering my own life by taking the leap, going out on my own. I have never been happier and so many new opportunities have already opened up since giving my notice from my 9-to-5 job.
### **Q: WHERE ARE YOU AT IN THE PROCESS? TELL US HOW IT’S BEEN!** A: I can’t believe how many opportunities have already opened up. I have a seasonal business that means that I work crazy hours: on the weekend, in the summer, at events that everyone is having fun at... Since I have given notice, I have been asked to be a vendor at a major music festival, found multiple incredible employees and had time to really boost my profile in my local community. By having more time I have been able to attend networking events, business classes at my local Small Business Association and connect with really great people. I can’t believe how well it’s working out. I know many business owners that told me that although scary, leaving my career would open up the possibilities for my business. I never thought it would have worked so quickly. [![](](
### **Q: WHAT ABOUT THE CHALLENGE SCARES YOU? ** A: Well, of course I was worried about finances. I did the best I could getting my bills and obligations under control before I gave notice. I wanted to make sure that if my ideas for my business didn’t go as planned, I would not regret my decision. Regret was really my biggest concern. Other than that I felt really ready to take the leap. My business showed me I had a great idea and that I could make it— whatever that means. ### **Q: WHAT’S THE MOST ENJOYABLE THING ABOUT THE CHALLENGE?** A: You might be surprised but the most enjoyable part is the little butterflies I get in my stomach when I think about being a woman with my own business. I am in control of everything I do everyday. Some may call that anxiety or fear but I love that feeling. I have been able to harness the feeling and create some great new ideas for this season. ### **Q: ANY ADVICE FOR OTHER MEMBERS WANTING TO FACE THEIR FEARS AND MAKE THEIR SIDE HUSTLE THEIR MAIN HUSTLE?** People always say just go for it but I think that’s a little naive and assuming. Knowing when to jump is very personal. Knowing yourself and knowing how much money you would need to make is important. Knowing how much you will sacrifice in the first few years (sleep, money, having to have a roommate to make it work, etc.) is important. And knowing when enough is enough is the most important. You will never have enough money. You will never have enough contacts, or time to build that perfect website, or enough likes, enough followers, enough blah blah blah. Just start and you will know when it’s time to take the leap. Sometimes you get a push and sometime you take the leap, either way making the choice to take your life into your hands is scary and so exhilarating. So I guess my advice would be to just do it on your own time, no one else’s. If you want to stay updated with MI ICE POPS, find them at [](! If you'd like to join us as a [Yellow Collective](/membership) member next quarter, click below! ### [CLICK HERE TO BECOME A MEMBER]( [![RACHEL NEAL BIO](](

Rachel Neal

Rachel is a writer, reader, and Enneagram enthusiast living in Whittier. She’s currently in the process of becoming a certified KonMari consultant, helps run a house-church alongside some dear friends, and is practicing getting in touch with what brings her joy. She’s really into reading memoirs, taking complicated bubble baths, and trying to artfully merge humor and vulnerability.