We Have the Secret to Your Perfect Morning Routine (Hint: it Starts with You)

valeriedenisephotos-6 You’ve seen the articles. The ones promising you a perfect day if you only follow these 5 morning routines:

-one hour of meditation
-one hour of working out
-30 minutes of reading
-a healthy, homemade breakfast
__-journaling and intention setting 

Oh you have kids? Be sure to wake up 4 hours before them to complete your to-do list. 

Tired yet?

I’m tired of trying to emulate the “perfect day” of people with completely different lives than me. Anyone else!?

Your values, your job, your family responsibilities, and your long-term goals are unique to you, it’s time to create a morning routine that supports your epic life… not the life of someone else! 

Today I want to share a few ways to develop a morning routine that works for YOU. 

  1. Get clear about the purpose of your morning routine. 

What are you hoping to gain from having a morning routine? Maybe for you, connecting to your spirit is the most important, maybe it’s getting into your workflow, or maybe it’s about taking care of your body first.  As you walk out of your house in the morning, what feeling are you wanting to carry with you for the rest of the day?valeriedenisephotos-5 For me, it’s being grounded in who I am, focusing my energy on what matters most, and finding peace before I start my work. I often set an intention- because I want my day to be intentional. I want to decide what my mind, energy, and spirit focus on before the busyness and demands of the outside world start stealing my attention.

TIP: Write out how you want to feel as a result of your morning routine.

2. Focus on what you’ve already got.

Instead of looking to the health coach you follow and mimicking her morning, start by evaluating what you already have and what you want. You might not have an hour, but maybe you have 15 minutes. You may not have a budget to buy Bulletproof Coffee, but you have green tea. You may not have time or finances for a hot yoga membership, but you do have wifi and access to youtube! 

**TIP: Brainstorm a list of resources you already have that will help you feel the way you want to feel every day.

3. Start small.

Radical change is rarely sustainable. Start small! From the list you created, start with one. Track your progress with the routine over a week’s time, then two weeks, then three. After 21 days, sprinkle in another aspect. Allow yourself time to ease into a new routine, and do it with lots and lots of grace. valeriedenisephotos-7 TIP: Do it at the same time every day! (I like to set daily reminders in my phone.)

4. Don’t be afraid to switch it up.

The things you try at first may work for you! Or they may not. There is no shame in switching it up and getting creative. If something is miserable and you dread it after a week, maybe it’s not the thing for you!  Switch things up, try new things, and try the old things to see if they work for you differently in a new season! 

TIP: If your desired result is to feel a certain way, pay attention to how you feel every day. Are your moods lifted? Are you feeling content, grounded, or strong like you hoped? Take note! 

5. Keep going.

It is SO easy to give up and go back to scrolling Instagram for 45 minutes in your bed instead of getting up and doing the thing you really want. When this happens (because it will) remind yourself why you wanted to develop a morning routine in the first place. 

TIP: Before you get out of bed, think on your intention and your “why.” Let it be the motivation to get up and do the thing!

valeriedenisephotos-2Creating a toolbox of go-to routines that support the life you already have, while helping you develop your goals, now that’s winning. Your perfect day will not be found by adopting the life of someone else; your perfect day is defined by you, and lived out by you. Let your mornings be the catalyst to the life you really want to live.

Photos by Valerie Denise Photos featuring mugs by the Created Co.

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