Yellow 2016 Speaker Sessions Now Available!!

Let me guess… you didn’t get to come to Yellow Conference 2016 and felt major FOMO when you were watching the entire thing unfold over social media. Or maybe you found out about Yellow Conference 1 day too late and missed the chance to come. Or maybe you’re not local to LA and it was just too much to come up with the cash for a conference ticket, hotel room, flight, rental car, etc. The expenses add up!! I’ve been in all of these positions before and it’s the WORST!

Lucky for you, we have the conference speaker sessions available for purchase today!


You can watch right from your office computer,  from your laptop on your bed sipping coffee, with your gal pals this weekend or really wherever and whenever you like. And you can watch them again and again whenever you need that dose of inspiration and motivation.

The Speaker Session Video Packet has over 7 HOURS of amazing content, AND you can get it for a fraction of the cost it takes to get to the conference. WOOOHOO!!

We have 9 30min - 1 hour sessions from speakers such as: Elle Luna (author, designer & painter), Jessica Hische (letterer & illustrator), Jedidiah Jenkins (author & Executive Editor at Wilderness Magazine), Alexis Jones (Co-Founder of I AM THAT GIRL), Kirsten Dickerson (Founder of Raven & Lily) and more.



Ladies- I recently watched all of these videos. Often if I’m working on designing or doing something that’s a bit more creative I’ll put on a podcast or something like these speaker videos to listen to in the background.

I did that this past week with these speaker vids and let me tell you… I cried while working, stopped what I was doing and wrote down new ideas and inspirations I had. My mind is spinning with possibilities and so much of it is because of what power lies in the words of these speakers.

Watch a preview of the speaker session videos featuring select speakers from the conference:

Listening to this powerhouse group of people talk to you for over 6 hours has an effect on your mental state in the best way.

There is life changing information and inspiration within each of these videos.



Each Speaker Video Packet comes with all 9 speaker sessions (over 7 hours worth of content), and a “Speaker Video Program” with speaker bios & information plus printable notes.

From TODAY until MONDAY the speaker videos will be priced at $97. 

The price will go up to $137 on Tuesday Oct. 25th. Grab yours today and save yourself $40!

I’m telling you, these videos are worth way more than money can buy. Get ready to be hit with the best inspiration train ever.

Head to our shop and grab yours today.



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