Can't Come to Yellow, but Still Want to Experience the Goodness? Here's How.

Hey girl!

We are busy busy bees over here getting ready for Yellow in just TWO days. We’re stoked!! This year is going to be amazing ladies, our best one yet.

Two full days at 440 Seaton spent hanging out with like minded women and crazy good speakers like Elle Luna, Jessica Hische, Jedediah Jenkins and Alexis Jones- we’re ready for the roof to be blown off with all of the good vibes that will be filling the space.

All that being said, we know that not everyone can make it to the conference who wishes they could be there. Lucky for you we have a few ways for you to get involved from afar!

Here’s how:


FACEBOOK LIVE  //  We are going to be hanging out on Facebook Live with the amazing host, Alex Michael May of Beautilitarian. How can you watch us? Head to our Facebook page, click that “like” button, and make sure to be on the lookout this Thursday and Friday for the live streaming bits from the event.

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INSTAGRAM STORIES  //  If you’re as much in love with Instagram stories as we are, you’ll love following along on our Instagram story during the conference. Get a behind the scenes look at the conference, exclusive Q&A with speakers, and watch bits and pieces of speaker sessions and panels. It’s going to be goooooood.

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SNAPCHAT   //  We are partnering up with Adobe Creative Resident Sara Dietschy as she takes over the Yellow Conference Snapchat feed! This girl knows her media, and is about to bring you the best experience of Yellow you can get without actually being there. Complete with our own Geotag- (we’re probably more excited about it than we should be…).

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TWITTER //  Looking for a place to find all of the best re-tweetable quoteables?? Head to our Twitter. We’re going to be pulling out the best quotes said throughout the conference and posting them over there. There will be enough to keep you inspired and motivated for days to come… even without setting foot in our venue.

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PERISCOPE  //  We will have our conference Periscoped (is that a word??) live from the Arts District. Follow along for live in the moment action!

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OUR BLOG //  That’s right. Bookmark this site and come back Thursday and Friday. We have some MAJOR new announcements and cool things you’re going to want to know alllll about and get involved with. That’s right. We’ll have perks and opportunities announced here on our blog created just for you. Bookmark our blog and head here the 25th and 26th!!

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We’re super sad you won’t be able to make it to the conference in person this year, but there’s always next year, right?? Luckily we live in a day and age where so much info and so many experiences can be shared with just a wifi connection.

That being said- we will see you on the interwebs gals! Can’t wait!

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