Three Pieces of Encouragement for the Dreamer & Doer by Kohl Crecelius, Co-Founder of Krochet Kids INTL.

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Krochet Kids intl. is a lifestyle brand as well as an innovative non-profit empowering women in Uganda and Peru. In effort to bridge the gap between our clothing and the individuals creating them, every product they make is hand-signed by the woman who made it, and you can even leave her a message of gratitude on their website! Every product represents a path toward self-sufficiency for a lady in Uganda or Peru, and in addition to consistent employment, the organization also provides mentorship and education.

We asked KK Intl. Co-Founder Kohl Crecelius to give us any advice and encouragement he has for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world. He narrowed it down to three things. Read on and get ready to be encouraged!


Setting out on a path to make an impact in this world is a daunting process.

It will absolutely require an abundant amount of optimism and idealism. This is a good thing, as I believe one of the most important attributes to getting a social project or organization up and running is simply believing that you are capable of doing so.

Thus, my first encouragement…


As you get going, you will inevitably be challenged in your thinking, your model and the impact you are creating.  Your aspirations to “change the world” will most likely feel squelched, due in large part by the people questioning your reach and you doubting your own accomplishments.  First and foremost, this is completely normal.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  There were many times throughout our growth at KK intl. that we were made to feel bad about not doing “enough;” not helping enough people, not selling enough products, not serving in enough communities globally. 

Krochet Kids Intl.'s Kohl Crecelius on THE IDEALIST JOURNEY - Plus another Giveaway!

My next encouragement…


There comes a point when you realize the most important lesson you can learn on this journey — it’s not your job to save the world. This deserves repeating…It is not your job to save the world.  While we set out with extremely grand aspirations for leaving a positive mark on the world, the greatest realization we can have is that the only way our world changes in significant and meaningful ways is if every person contributes. The world needs you to do what you are great at, in order to pursue what you are absolutely passionate about in a way that serves and cares for others.

_**[Krochet Kids Intl.'s Kohl Crecelius on THE IDEALIST JOURNEY - Plus another Giveaway!

](**This brings me to my last piece of encouragement…_


As I mentioned, I can remember numerous occasions when I was made to feel bad about not doing enough for the world.  Then I realized something: the people who were questioning our reach or impact weren’t doing anything themselves!  My response quickly turned into an encouragement to others to help them realize that KK intl. isn’t here to solve the world’s problems.  We are great at empowering women in Uganda and Peru through the creation of our lifestyle apparel.

I believe the result of this journey — GET STARTED, KEEP GOING, ENCOURAGE OTHERS — is a newfound sense of what idealism means.  It’s an outlook which sees our specific impact (or project) as a small but important piece in making our world better, but that we stand shoulder to shoulder with many others.

We need each other.  It takes us all to change the world.

Thanks so much Kohl!

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Kohl Crecelius

Founder at Krochet Kids

Kohl is the CEO and co-founder of the organization, which first began as a small business venture between high school friends, dubbed “Krochet Kids”, before growing into the global brand it is today. While in college, they traveled extensively and became aware of the vast number of people living in extreme poverty and wanted to help. They saw these people wanted an opportunity to take control of their own lives and achieve their dreams for a better future.