5 Sustainable Personal Care Products for a More Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Some may refer to the widespread adoption of stainless steel straws and other “green” options as a trend, but I prefer to think of it as a slow and steady reawakening to the beauty of slow, intentional, and mindful living.

We are moving away from our need for instantly gratifying, disposable goods and getting back to the roots of handmade, thoughtful items.

I think it’s beautiful and encouraging to watch unfold. We’re all on our own journey in the process, and this isn’t about perfection, but about sustainability - not just for our planet, but for our own lives and routines. Nowadays, it isn’t difficult to find resources on where to begin, but what about after you’ve taken those first steps?

Maybe you’ve nailed down the habit of never leaving the house without your to-go mug and water bottle, you can’t remember the last time you forgot your reusable bags for a grocery run, and the saran wrap you bought two years ago has finally run out, giving you a chance to invest in some cloth covers for your leftovers and some new glass storage containers. And now, you’ve reached a roadblock. What are some next steps on this journey towards simpler and more conscious routines? And how do we find trustworthy, affordable sources for these next steps?

For me, the most natural next step in my sustainability journey was to migrate towards low-waste personal care products. Investing in products I use daily that I can rest assured are good for my body and for the environment I hold so dearly makes my daily care routine feel purposeful and refreshing. Recently, I stumbled upon Tiny Yellow Bungalow, an online shop and blog run by Jessie Stokes, an eco conscious mama looking to create a one-stop-shop for those of us looking to pursue a low-waste, sustainable lifestyle. Her shop is an excellent resource if you’re looking to find quality, affordable products, ranging from toilet brushes to antique soap dishes to laundry soap. Today, I’m sharing five of my favorite products from her shop that I’m hoping will make their way onto your bathroom shelf, replacing their disposable counterparts and aiding you in taking the next step in your sustainability journey:

safety razor.jpeg

Safety Razor

Using a safety razor felt intimidating to me at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll appreciate the beauty of never having to run to Target to restock your plastic razor stash because you forgot you only had one left (was that just me?). Safety razors cost more up front, but with regular care and replacement of the blades, they can last for years and offer a closer shave. You can find a safety razor and replacement blades here.


Bamboo Toothbrush

Not only are bamboo toothbrushes more aesthetically appealing than the plastic options, they are made of sustainable and compostable materials. There are even some options available that have vegan bristles, which makes it double win in my book. Have kiddos in the house? Consider switching their toothbrushes over to bamboo as well!


Reusable Organic Cotton Facial Rounds

Whether you’re just discovering that toning is a crucial step in your skincare routine or you’ve been rocking it for years, now is the time to ditch those disposable cotton balls and invest in some soft, washable cotton rounds. This is probably one of my favorite purchase I’ve made lately, and I use them in the morning and evening as part of my skincare routine.


Organic Handkerchief Book

This just in – hankies are no longer just for seventy-year-old men! These hanky books come in both solid and a variety of darling patterns, and totally remove the ick-factor of reusable tissues. Just blow your nose on one page and move onto the next one. No mess, washable, and plus, they’re cute!


Wooden Brushes

This one may seem a tad obvious, but is a transition I’m personally still making! I believe the most sustainable thing you can do is to use what you already have, but as your current items wear out and it’s time to invest in new, quality tools, take a look at these wooden dry brushes, hair brushes, and nail brushes. The materials are more sustainable to produce and some pieces of the products are even compostable.

When we shift our mindset from pressure and perfection to simply one of slowing down and caring for our bodies and the planet through our choices, this low-waste journey becomes so much more accessible and enjoyable. Small steps forward that we can maintain and weave into the fabric of our daily lives are more impactful than making giant purchases or changes that don’t make sense for us here and now. I hope that in this list, you can find one or more items to add into your personal care routine, and that through that small act of compassion for the planet and your body, you are inspired to keep living intentionally.

Product images via the Tiny Yellow Bungalow

Sydney Huffhines

Sydney is always in the mood for a latte paired with conversation. She’s passionate about women’s health, the great outdoors, and a good non-toxic face mask. Being a mama is her main gig, and she hopes to become a nurse, with the intention of blending her love for accessible holistic health with caring for people well. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and their son.