6 Jewelry Brands to Love That Give Back Globally

Shopping for items to add to your wardrobe has always been a fun and creative way to show your style - and jewelry allows us to elevate that even further. There are so many amazing brands to shop when searching for your perfect accessory pairing - but what better way to choose than companies that give back to individuals and communities around the world. Check out these 6 accessory and jewelry brands that are going the extra mile to provide stylish pieces that give back in unique and impactful ways.


Hand making their brass, gold, and silver jewelry at their headquarters in Nashville, ABLE makes beautiful necklaces, bracelets and rings to add to your wardrobe. The company is working towards ending generational poverty by employing many women who have overcome extraordinary circumstances in their communities. With this goal, each purchase you make with ABLE helps to employ those and provide a sustainable income and lifestyle to each woman.

Purpose Jewelry

This brand is crafted by a staff of female artisans who have been rescued from sex trafficking. The jewelry ranges from beautiful simple pieces, to elegant and colorful beaded pieces. Each purchase provides freedom, hope, and dignity to the women and community employed.

Noonday Collection

Noonday Collection is an accessory company employees artisans all over the world to handcraft beautiful earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. They are working to be “a business that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities around the world.”



A Chicago maker founded Mazi to create handmade and hand painted clay jewelry to provide funds for global empowerment. With each of your purchases of the beautiful earrings, 25% goes to Team World Vision to help bring water to Africa.

Akola Project

Akola Project is a very unique brand that employs women in Dallas, TX and Uganda, and gives back 100% of their profits to global missions to improve families, education, and communities. Their jewelry is stylish and colorful, perfect for all occasions and ages.

Half United

Each purchase from Half United goes to giving back to fight global hunger. The brand creates jewelry out of recycled bullets and other supplies to use up those recycled materials that are no longer in order to create unique and staple jewelry that tells a story.

Each of these companies’ beautiful accessories are created to tell a story and provide empowerment to those in need around the world. Whether through employment, non-profit work, or donation, each purchase will give back in some way. And while wearing them, your style will be one with purpose!

Feature image via Noonday Collection, second image via Mazi

Kelly LaFerriere

Kelly is the founder of The Good Wear - a platform created to explore ways to be ethical and sustainable fashion consumers. Through her site, she covers conversations surrounding the industry, brands, transparency, and style. You can learn more at thegoodwear.com.