5 Musts for Bringing Meaning to the In-Between of Entrepreneurship

I was feeling a little guilty. I’d worked so hard to get where I am, but now there was somewhere else I wanted to go. An old friend’s stinging words flashed back into my mind and nagged at my heart, “Won’t you ever be content?!” But the truth is, I still am. I’ve realized in entrepreneurship, it’s okay to want to move on to the next destination, as long as you give your all to your current home.

Some people are built for lots and lots stability, consistency, and predictability. Although I believe we all need at least a little of these things in different seasons and unique doses - some of us thrive on wild ideas, adding to existing plans, and seeing where that next phase takes us. Entrepreneurial wandering, if you will. Despite what it may seem on the surface, I don’t think this trait means we are irresponsible or discontent. It doesn’t mean we are pinballs, forcefully springing decisions into a crazy life of sporadic turns.

I believe it means we are continually unlocking pieces of our minds and hearts that deserve space and time to breathe, at the exact moment they are meant to come to life.

I’ve had my fair share of this. I moved from Wisconsin, to California, to Africa, and back to California again. I went from working for others, to starting a photography business, to starting a coaching business, to starting a personal blog. ( Good God, woman… can’t you just make up your mind?!)  But, each of these seasons, places, and job titles, they’ve built off of each other. Because that’s how it works. Each piece gives me what I need at the time, and uncovers more of who I am in preparation for where I’ve yet to go.

That said, I think it is super important to give our all to where we’re at, even if we know it’s not where we’ll stay. I’ve seen, time and time again, that when I’m intentional with what I’ve been given, the next stepping stone rises up naturally. This is the way I want to forge my path: organically, easily, at the perfect time.


So, even though I’m currently living in a season I worked so hard to get to (being a business coach), I’m also on the verge of newness and more change (adopting from China and working on my book about infertility). Sometimes the in-between gets uncomfortable, but I’m determined to explore every nook and cranny of this time and I hope you’ll do the same, alongside me, wherever you’re at. 

5 ways to make the in-between meaningful:

1. Never let anything fall through the cracks. Opportunities for new adventures are awesome, but the responsibilities of your current endeavors should take priority.

2. Give yourself consistent, dedicated time to work on the new stuff. Do not suppress your ideas - let that creativity out. Maybe this means you set aside Friday afternoons to start, since most of us usually spend that time scrolling or procrastinating anyway ;).

3. Celebrate this current phase. Think about how much brain power, time, and possibly tears that have gone into this perfect place you currently call a home, job title, etc. Acknowledge the work you put in to get here. Let it sit and settle. It will help you feel less antsy for the newness of what’s to come.

4. Reflect on and write out every way this current season has added goodness to your life. How can you take these lessons and apply them to what’s next?

5. Be proactive, but not pushy. We only have control over so much, so remember that whatever is to come will happen when it’s supposed to happen. Create your own opportunities, build relationships, be kind and encouraging to yourself, knowing that the next stone will rise up, when it should.

Photos by: Eun Creative


Becky Morquecho

Founder at IdeaLust

Becky and her hubby Jesse (yes, just like Full House!), owners of Idealust, help creative entrepreneurs build and scale businesses that produce lots o’ profits and joy. When she’s not coaching others to make their dreams come true, she’s beach cruising with her baby cakes, soaking up the San Diego sunshine. For a glimpse of their adventures, join them on Instagram.