Giving Purpose to the Process

Growing up, I loved getting lost in a good book. I remember that giddy feeling that would take over the moment I laid my hands on a brand new novel, just waiting for me to dive into its crisp pages. There was so much to look forward to - an unfamiliar plot full of possibilities. But by the third page, I would surrender to impatience and skip to the end to find out how the story ends. Immediately, a sense of disappointment would loom over me, realizing that without the heart of the book, the story lacks meaning and context. The essential parts containing themes of growth, change, and maturity lie in the middle of every story, just like our own. 

Unfortunately, it can be hard to identify the gifts of the process. Many times, we become so concerned with the outcome of our perils that we have a hard time focusing on the precious moments in our present. We get so stumped on the could’ve, would’ve, and should’ve that we forget what this journey is all about. We are our worst critics, and often compare our experience to other’s, hindering our growth.

It’s bold to seek inspiration without comparing yourself. It’s brave to ride the wave of uncertainty and be curious about where the tide is going to take you. It’s courageous to begin somewhere even if you don’t know if that somewhere is right.

The process is full of in betweens, nowheres, unclarity, and indecisiveness. But it’s up to us to define our relationship with it - so let’s make it worthwhile and enjoy.

To be ambitious movers and doers of the world, we must dive in head first, willing to invest our time and dedication into our passions. If we realize that possibility lies at our fingertips, we have the power to create perpetual movement by following a few disciplines.

  1. Practicing mindfulness

Being a woman of purpose means embracing the journey by becoming more present, aware, and thankful for every endeavor. It requires replacing judgment with positivity, and finding meaning in the details. This attentive woman shifts her focus to the now, and rides each struggle with ease.

  1.  Applauding our progress no matter how big or small

A woman who blooms values the importance of hard work, and applauds herself for her efforts. She honors the small steps she takes along the way. She treasures her ability to practice discipline, because it’s not an easy feat to master. She finds meaning in the mundane through her practice of placing worth in each day.

  1.  Forming habits and sticking to a routine

When we have a lot of irons burning in the fire, forming good habits and sticking to a routine can help create balance. Like relationships, our passions need nourishing. A woman of action carves out time to develop a trusting relationship with her pursuit, because the stronger of a foundation she builds for it, the more confident she will feel. Forming habits help her focus on the process rather than the outcome. 

The truth is, success is not the overall goal; it’s just a perk. No award or recognition is going to validate our experience, only the love for our craft will. As women on a mission, our motivation lies in pursuing our passions, and that is powerful.

The woman of purpose within us thrives on finding joy in the process. Remember to value every chapter in your story - even the parts that are treacherous and disappointing. It is these that are vital in adding the framework and foundation to our own story.

Photos by Andrea David

Jessica Estrada


Currently residing in sunny Southern California, Jessica finds glory in all things creative and tries to fulfill her curiosity the best way she knows how - through photography, writing, and art. When she’s not pursuing her love for writing and human rights issues, you can find her camping out at her local coffeeshop, going on adventures, snapping photos, and learning new creative mediums.