How to Build Your Community of Movers and Shakers

Us dreamers, visionaries, solopreneurs, and gals with big hopes for the world, we long for people to champion our causes, hop on board, share our latest blog post, and be just as excited as we are about our plans! We are passionate!! We are eager!!! And…well, sometimes it feels like we are alone; especially around the people we love most.

When I launched my life-coaching business in a small midwestern town, many people gave me a kind smile and a sweet yet patronizing, “good luck!” I’m still not sure my family is convinced I have a real job!  Don’t get me wrong, they were supportive of my “wild and crazy dreams,” but deep down, I didn’t feel supported.  I felt alone, misunderstood, and like I didn’t have a tribe of people who truly got it. I allowed the belief that I was the only one with my mindset in my tiny city- that finding a tribe would be hard, and that I would have to do my adventure solo.

**After all, pioneers usually go it alone, right?!

**Wrong. On so many levels, I was wrong.

Not only have I been able to grow a thriving business from midwest USA, I have found a community of local and online cheerleaders and I’ve built a tribe of women who champion one another.

I’ve debunked the notion that pioneers have to do their adventure alone.If you’ve felt alone in your journey to self-improvement, in your career, in your passion project, hear me on this one:  You only have to go it alone if you choose to. There are women waiting to connect with you, support you, and who want to cheer you on!


Here are 4 things I did my first year as an entrepreneur that helped me grow an authentic tribe both on and offline:

1- Let go of the false beliefs that keep you stuck.

Believing you’re alone, that no one will understand, or that there is not a soul in your area who has similar interests is just silly! Beliefs like this will keep you from being open, from reaching out, and from making those deep connections. Choose to let go of mindsets that hold you back and watch the next steps come much easier.

2- Show up and create the thing!

When I stopped to look at my city, I didn’t see the thing I wanted to be a part of because it didn’t exist yet ! So, a gang of girlfriends and I came together and created The Bravery Board- a monthly gathering for like-minded women; and guess what!? People came. People come every time we host the gathering and it continues to grow.

Sometimes the connections you want to make begin with you stepping out and creating the thing you want to see.

Join the Yellow Collective, host a meet-up, or even create a mastermind of women in your field who want to support one another. It’s as simple as creating something you want to be a part of!


3- Don’t be afraid to reach “above” your social group

When I first stepped out, emailed, and connected with women who were already “in the game” I was worried they would see me as an impostor, disregard my emails, and not accept me into their elite group of awesomeness. I felt a separation from them, I felt below them.

When I got over my fearful thinking and reached out, commented on their posts, and genuinely showed up, I got invites to hangout with these awesome women! They accepted and welcomed me into their groups, allowed me to interview them on my blog (thanks, Joanna!) and, it turns out they are regular people who are more than willing to make room for more dreamers in their group! It all starts with believing you’re worthy and letting go of fear.

4- Be the friend you want to have.

How are you showing up in your relationships? Are you all take and no give? Are you contributing your talents, serving the group, and adding value? Are you willing to be seen and vulnerable? Are you creating a community with your online platform, or just using it as a platform for you to shine?

I’m a firm believer that we get in life what we project into the world. If you want to find a group of awesome, accepting, passionate women, ask yourself if you’re showing up that way in the world. Like attracts like! Become the friend you’d want to have.

You do not have to go at it alone. 

You are supported, welcome, and have an entire world of women ready to cheer you on if you simply open your eyes to them. Drop the beliefs that hold you back, step out, create the thing, and be the friend you want to have.

Photos by Andrea David of the Yellow Collective Orange County gathering 


Madison Hedlund


Madison is a life coach and speaker who helps women own their story, find their power, and come alive to their most vibrant, confident selves. Known for her soulful spirit both online and in person, she brings authenticity, power, and creativity into all she does. Whether working one on one with clients or speaking to a large group, it’s Madison’s deepest desire to see women step up to their very best and truly come alive.