In Need of a Last Minute, but Still Totally Meaningful Gift?


If you’re anything like me, you overthink Christmas gifts. You want to make them thoughtful and meaningful, so you do a lot of thinking, brainstorming on what someone would want. What would make them feel loved and seen. Then, you spend so much time thinking and marinating on it, that all of a sudden you look up and Christmas is THREE days away! Sound at all familiar?

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Below are three last minute gift ideas that are still meaningful and will make the person receiving the gift feel extra loved and cared for.

All of these gifts can be purchased in a minute, vouchers printed out and placed into a cute envelope and given to your loved one at anytime. A total of 10 minute tops, and you don’t even have to leave your home!


With this kind of gift, you’re pretty much giving your person a gift of going anywhere in the world. They can choose when and where. An experience and memories are so much more thoughtful and meaningful than any sort of material item you could buy.



I mean, we may be a bit bias here, but for any entrepreneurial woman in your life, giving the gift of community, inspiration and empowerment is a great choice. We even created a PDF download for anyone who is giving a Yellow Collective membership as a gift. Print it out, put it in a cute envelope and write a thoughtful note- you’re sure to make any friend, sister, mom or significant other in your life feel extra loved.




Have you heard of Date Box? It’s a subscription box dedicated to helping couples go on creative, fun dates every month. My husband and I had a blast with Date Box. We got cooking classes one month, a gingerbread making kit with hot chocolate and marshmallows another month. It’s a great gift for a significant other in your life, or someone who is in a relationship that is looking for ways to go on fun, consistently creative dates.


I hope this gives you some ideas on what to get that person you love a ton, but may not have a ton of time to go out and get something meaningful.

Ultimately, I hope your loved ones and you feel extra loved this week and this weekend!! Happy Holidays!!


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