Six Tips for Staying Well While Living the Lady Boss Life

Tips for staying well while living the girlboss life//the Yellow Co. blogWhether you’re a CEO of a company, a solopreneur, or a master of the side hustle, staying on top of your wellness goals while living the lady boss life can be challenging to say the least. With mile-long to-do lists, the temptation to push self-care to the sidelines or even out of the picture completely is real, but long-term and sustainable success in your work life absolutely hinges on the wellness of your mind, body, and spirit. As a freelance Holisitic Health Coach and Wellness Writer, I know how tricky it can be to find that balance of meeting your responsibilities as an entrepreneur while still honoring your own health and happiness. Here’s a few simple, but effective practices that I’ve developed for both myself and my lady boss clients to make sure that we not only build work lives that both challenge and light us up, but also feel great while doing it.Tips for staying well while living the girlboss life//the Yellow Co. blog

Get Clear

In order to achieve any goal, you first must have a crystal clear vision of what meeting that goal looks like. Wellness is such an individual experience and what works for one person, might not work for another. Whether it’s daily meditation, regular sweat sessions, spending time in nature, or a certain approach to diet, get clear on what living well looks like to you and use that vision to guide your choices around how you care for yourself.

Treat Yourself Like a VIP

You wouldn’t no-show for a meeting with a very important client or colleague, right? Then why would you skip out on very important commitments to yourself? Calendar your wellness routines just as you would an important meeting and show up for them with the same dedication. That might mean blocking out a few hours on Sunday to prep healthy meals for the week ahead or having a standing appointment with yourself every morning for a stress-relieving activity like breath work, some time on your yoga mat, or a slow, mindful morning meal. If you need extra motivation, think of it as another investment in your business because it is! Even just a few hours a week of you-time can go a long ways toward helping you show up with more energy and creativity in your work life.Tips for staying well while living the girlboss life//the Yellow Co. blog Give Yourself Performance Reviews

Most companies give their employees regular performance reviews because they can serve as powerful tools for keeping individuals aligned with company objectives and goals. You can easily incorporate this practice into your own life by setting aside time for regular check-ins to assess how well your activities are supporting your wellbeing. Whether you decide to do it daily, weekly, or monthly, be sure to do a thorough inventory of all of the different aspects of your life from physical health to relationships and social life to finances and be honest with yourself about the areas that feel a bit out of balance. From there you can develop strategies to get back on track towards meeting your wellness goals.

Ditch the All-or-Nothing Mentality

It can be oh so easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you have to have a perfectly linear path towards a goal, but the truth is that success usually involves lots of missteps along the way—and that’s absolutely okay! We all have off days, but it’s important to remember that when you fall off the wagon, whether that’s for an hour, a day, or a solid month, all you have to do is get back on it! Wellness isn’t a static state; it’s a constant practice of making choices that best serve you. The ability to dust yourself off and start again when you’ve gone astray is what can make the difference between wishing for a life you love and actually creating that life on a daily basis![Tips for staying well while living the girlboss life//the Yellow Co. blog]( Boundaries Are Your Friend

I often hear the women in my life say that they “just can’t say ‘no’” when someone asks something of them, but how can you possibly stay focused on your own goals when you’ve given all of your energy to the needs and goals of others? One of the most powerful self-care practices is truly valuing your own time and energy, which often means carefully considering whether or not potential commitments bring you closer to your vision or move you farther away from it. When you realize that the answer is the latter, try compassionately declining by saying that you would love to (attend the event, do the favor, etc.); however, you have a big goal of (getting more sleep, exercising more, etc.) and that you are committed to meeting that goal at the moment. The people in your life who truly have your best interest at heart will support your decision and might even be inspired by your dedication and your choice to stay true to you!

Enlist a Partner

The odds that you’ll meet a goal increase dramatically when you enlist a partner to help you stay accountable. If you have a like-minded friend or family member who shares a wellness goal with you, schedule regular meetings either in person or by phone to discuss your progress, any challenges you might be encountering, and ways that you can work through blocks. If you don’t have someone in your life who can provide the support you need, you might consider hiring a professional wellness coach . When it comes to creating a happy, healthy life, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to do it all alone!

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