About Last Night

We had another post originally planned to go up today, but with the election last night and everything our country is facing right now, I thought I would share some thoughts.


We talk a lot about fear on this blog. Getting past it, moving forward, taking risks, being brave and running after our dreams.

Fear separates. It separates us from our dreams, it separates us from who we were created to be, and it separates us from each other.

I’m sure we have both Trump and Hillary supporters that read this blog. We probably have Gary Johnson and Jill Stein supporters as well. Any Bernie people out there?? Depending on where you stand, the emotions you felt last night were different. You might have been really excited and hopeful, or possibly shocked, stressed and afraid.

It is so easy for us to judge, isn’t it? I’m so guilty here. I think to myself- “how could anyone think that this person is fit to be president- they have to be insane… Don’t they KNOW better?? Don’t they KNOW??”

It’s that thought right there that separates me from my brothers and sisters.

The truth is, we have not lived a thousand lives. We have only lived ours.

We only know what we have experienced, what we have lived through, and what we have been taught. Our opinions and fickle things that form over time in response to our individual circumstances. I do believe that it’s important to speak our minds, and stand for something. But at the same time, we have to have understanding for other people’s opinions even when we disagree with all that we are. Because just like you have your thoughts and opinions because of what you’ve lived through and experienced, so do others.


The reason I talk about this right now is because our country is divided. We don’t understand each other and we don’t care to. This isn’t the first time this has happened. I often think of how Martin Luther King Jr. went about his protests. He fought with peace. He approached with empathy. He spoke his opinion and stood for truth in love.

The status of the country right now has a lot of people afraid. Fear is circling because things are uncertain. We don’t understand each other, we don’t get what’s happening, and everything feels up in the air. That’s a scary thing.

My encouragement to you today, is to be brave. Is not to let fear overtake you, not to let it be your guide. We are a small piece in a long history of people on this planet who have endured much worse. Remember to respect and love those who think differently from you. Approach them with peace- speak your opinion in love, and know when it’s ok to be silent.

Tim Harris, a speaker at Yellow Conference this year is a person with down syndrome. When I asked him what he wanted the world to know about people with down syndrome, he said,

“I want people to know that we are more alike than we are different.” 

In times like these, let’s remember that. All of us, no matter where we stand, are more alike than different. We are all afraid. We all have ideals and hopes and dreams and I truly believe we are all doing the best we can.

So today, in times like this, remember. THERE IS HOPE. We WILL stand for peace, for goodness, for love, and march with that hope in our hearts.

Have respect for those around you not because you agree with them, but because they are a human being and they deserve it. You are more like them than you even know.

Let’s come together as a community, as women who are standing for good. Let’s spread love all over the world. The world needs us more than ever right now. Are you ready to rise?

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