Three Ways to Take Care of the Woman of Action (Hey...that's You!)

[![mg_1915](]( is for the women of action, the dreamers, the go-getters, and the movers and shakers who forget to _slow down.

It’s 7:00 A.M…Your alarm is ringing off the hook. Squinty eyed and annoyed, you fumble for your phone to swipe the loud buzzing noise away as you slowly sink back into your mattress. You bury yourself under the comfy and warm covers, refusing to go out into the world – you’re burnt out and too tired and just aren’t ready. You doze back to sleep, and after twenty minutes pass by, you drowsily check your phone, panic and hop out of bed, realizing you have ten minutes to make your 8:30 A.M. meeting.

Does this sound familiar?

Possessing superhuman powers, the woman of action overloads her days with pending tasks and multiple projects, stretching herself so thin that she forgets what day it is.

She is exhausted, yet restless, because she saves the world before she can save herself by tending to her looming to-dos and everyone else’s needs before her own just for the satisfaction of a good day’s work. Little does she know that while she is saving the world one step at a time, she is losing parts of herself and letting her needs fall by the wayside. And this becomes automatic for her.  [![mg_2138](]( Our lives get busy, and it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of it all. The pending to-do’s and mental checklists are relentless, triggering endless nights of sleeplessness and tossing and turning. Over time, this takes a heavy toll on our body and emotional state and even creeps into our work performance and relationships. **Taking care of ourselves and being in tune with how we’re feeling is essential to our success in being able to tackle the work week ahead. ** We have to keep it together one way or another, or else how are we supposed to flourish? Here are three small ways to care for the woman of action (…hey! That’s _you!):

Meditate & Get Your Om On

When Sunday rolls around, your mind usually goes into overdrive, trying to prepare for the week ahead. Meetings you have to attend, phone calls you have to make, projects you have to wrap up – the list is never-ending. Girl, I hate to break it to you, but it’s time to retire your cape for the day, drop your phone, and meditate.  Reflection is the gift that keeps on giving – by relieving stress, anxiety, and depression and all it takes is 10 minutes a day. Even with our hectic schedules, we can take the time to slow down and reflect on what’s going on in our internal world-whether it’s through meditation, journaling, or even napping. Give your brain a break. Take time to be open and honest with yourself and ask yourself how you’re feeling, what part of you needs attention, what can you do to take care of yourself and prep for the work week ahead. A go-to meditation tool that I love to use is the Headspace app. The amazing part about this app is that you can do it virtually anywhere–on your walk to work, while walking your dog, even in the office. Just carve out the time and I promise over time, you’ll feel more centered, clearer, and revitalized.  

Cleanse Those Worries Away

The end of the week abandons us with pent up tension and stress, leaving our bodies in the rubble. We are exhausted, have probably not showered in a day or two, and not feeling so hot. No better way of purifying than a good old self-cleanse. You’ve had a long week you deserve to treat yourself to some serious pampering, in fact, make a day out of it! Pump up the music, cleanse your pores, do your nails, execute the self-care that you’ve been neglecting for way too long…heck, why not even clean the house! I find that when I tackle tasks that don’t require much thinking, I can let my mind go and wander freely. Not only will you have danced your worries away, but you will also feel restored, revived, and prepared your space to look flawless for the work week ahead.  

Relax & Unwind to your Mind

You know that thing you always want to do but never get to because there’s never enough time? During my days off, I try to do something that invigorates and excites me, something that I normally wouldn’t do or have time to do, so that I can start my week with a full heart and happy mind. Tackle a creative art form that you’ve always wanted to learn or read the book you bought months ago. Activities like these provide your brain with distraction and in turn make you feel relaxed and calm. One of the best things you can do for your soul is disconnecting from technology, go outdoors, surround yourself with natural beauty.  Take advantage of the beautiful weather and scenic nature around you and get lost in its sounds and picturesque views._mg_2135 It’s okay to not always to have it together and feel uber powerful.

There’s a lot of guilt that surrounds taking time off and fulfilling your needs; it takes a lot of courage to put your pending tasks and pesky to-dos on hold. Especially in today’s world, we’re so glued to our phones, social media, and email, and we are reminded of what’s next on our checklist.  It takes courage to acknowledge you need to leave work early to squeeze in some self-care, need to wake up a few minutes earlier to reflect, and leave your phone behind for a few hours to catch up on some YOU time. Finding magic in these things is how you will save yourself.

Photos by Karen Marie featuring Caroline Artime designs

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