Our Next Series: Heart


To this very moment; in your business, your life, your family. It isn’t by chance that you’re here. You worked for this. You worked towards this. 

Something must have triggered it. Whether it was an encounter with something devastating like human trafficking, or a failure you endured; perhaps it was the birth of your first child, or the loss of someone you love…something brought you to _this _point.

This very moment is not a mistake or random act of fate.valeriedenisephotos-25To know this_…This_ is heart. 

This is where we invite you to ask yourself why you’re here (in this life stage) and how you arrived. What was the journey you took to get to this point? Where did you discover your mission? Or, perhaps you’re still figuring that out…That’s ok! Our new mantra around here at Yellow Co. is: You’re doing a great job. valeriedenisephotos-29

Because, truth is, whether you’re killing it at being a stay at home mom, or inspiring others through your blog and Instagram, in Cambodia fighting some horrendous realities, figuring out taxes for the first time as a freelancer, a student, or launching your site for the first time…wherever you’re at in life and your business, we really believe you’re doing a great job-because you’re doing it faithfully, diligently, and giving it your all. You’re doing a great job.

Sometimes, the clutter in the kitchen or your office can feel overwhelming and rob your creative space. I know this has become true for me since coming back to work with as a family of seven. It’s like the moment I have time to work, my brain shuts down. I need rest. I need space. And I need a place that helps me clear the clutter that can often take over my mind. valeriedenisephotos-24

This quarter, we’re diving into what it means to bring simplicity and care into our impact.

Whether that’s in our office or home, business or family-because, truth is, they’re all connected. Especially in creative fields-you really can’t separate the two.

This series is the kind you’ll want to pull up your chair with your Pumpkin Spice Chai (anyone feel me?!) held tight, and sweater snuggled close, with a notebook and favorite pen in hand. We’ll be giving you the practical, tactile tips you love along with some deeper connecting questions and posts on the whys and hows behind the whats we are so passionate about.

Are you ready for Fall with Yellow Co.? Because we. can’t. wait.

Photos by Valerie Denise

Interested in writing for this series? Shoot an email to sally@yellowconference.com to learn more. 

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