It's Time to Throw Off the Excuses, Find Your Battlecry, and Finally Go After the Life You Always Imagined

The Yellow Co. Blog: We All Need Our AnthemWe all need our own anthem.

We need a heartfelt, love letter to ourselves. We need words and hope and tear stained pages full of both loud and silent reminders that we are not useless, that we are not hopeless, that we are not broken.

A breath of fresh air straight from our own heart, proclaiming the beauty we see in ourselves and in where we are headed. A reminder that we are more than empty beds and lonely nights, but a complex and wonderful, beautiful and brilliant lotus flower.

A sweet whisper in the dark that grabs our hand and fills our veins and bones with fire. A proclamation that good days are still real, and that we are still real — still worth fighting for, and still worth living for.

A heart to heart with the beat in our own chest: “My darling, you can’t see it, can you? How like the moon you are. Both of you so timid in yourselves; hiding pieces from the world. Hidden around those rare moments when you both are full, and it becomes hard to look away.

We need an anthem.

A little piece of ourselves that gives us permission to let it all go.

A little piece of ourselves that reminds us we are just on our way, and our journey is not yet finished. A little piece of ourselves that paints a picture with stars in the night sky, illuminating our indescribable worth.  

The Yellow Co. Blog: We All Need Our Anthem _ What is your anthem?_

More importantly, what are you singing for? Is it to finally write that book, start that business, meet that person, take that trip, jump off that cliff, get on that plane, leave… what is it?

We must conclude to go on — no matter the fear tear us down. We must listen to those little pieces of ourselves that urge us on, and we must look for those stars in the sky that shine for us. We must muster up all we can hold, and move along.

What will happen if you don’t write that book? If you let the plane take off without you? What will become of the vision you have painted so eloquently into your heart if you do not act now?

I will tell you what…

The world will not blink, but you will. You will blink, and you will miss the verse that sings of victory. And the world will continue on, never giving a second look to the dream that was left in an old notebook, at terminal B.

I have spent too much of my energy building a wall of excuses and reasons why not for my dreams.

I find myself daily at a battle with myself. And honestly, isn’t that our biggest obstacle? If we are able to convince ourselves of failure, what will we let the world convince us of?The Yellow Co. Blog: We All Need Our Anthem I have found much defeat in my own words and ideals for who I am and what I should be doing. I can only imagine that I am not alone. Sometimes it is a comforting realization to not feel alone, but in this matter it breaks my heart to know how many of us find defeat by our own words and fears and insecurities.

So, as the fears wave us done, as the jungle drums beat in our ears, as the harsh words of the world start to dwindle our fire, I want you to believe: that you CAN fight, that your voice DOES matter, that your passion IS purposeful!

So, I ask you again - what is your anthem? What are you singing for?

I want you to feel the reverberation of your own heart beat move you along as you truly look deeper into the answers, because we are far too full of unshed dreams and new beginnings to give up now.

Photos by Valerie Denise

katherine henson

Katherine Henson