Your Sneak-Peek Into Our New Membership: the Yellow Collective

The Yellow Collective is The Yellow Co.'s way to bring the same empowerment, inspiration, and connection from the conference to women all year long. Big things are happening at Yellow Co. this year! As some of you know, we’re in the process of building our new membership platform, The Yellow Collective-Our vision is that this will be tangible way for women to feel empowered, inspired, and connected all year long through the use of a quarterly box, online resources and an in-person gathering. Interested in hearing more? Sign up for our interest list here. 

This past week, we ended the first season of The Yellow Collective with an exclusive gathering, just for the Collective members – the first EVER! It was a beautiful early-morning hangout where the Collective ladies had a chance to get together for some mimosas, donuts and real talk about this quarter’s theme: Grit.

The amazing collaborative hub, Wayfare HQ in Costa Mesa, California lent us their space for the event. Their creative décor and beautiful curated seating areas made for the perfect environment to delve into discussion about life in all its changing seasons!

Sidecar Doughnuts generously provided fresh coffee and handcrafted donuts, which were promptly devoured by all in attendance. Who can resist their classic “Butter & Salt” donut? Not us!

As ladies trickled in, the atmosphere was filled with the happy chatter of friends catching up after some time apart. The Collective ladies filled gold-rimmed floral dishes with freshly cut fruit and sipped mimosas from antique goblets (complete with strawberry garnish!). We needed something to balance all the delicious donuts, after all![The Yellow Collective is The Yellow Co.'s way to bring the same empowerment, inspiration, and connection from the conference to women all year long. ]( everyone had arrived, we opened up our time with a classic ice-breaker question: what’s one of your most embarrassing moments? While the stories that followed were utterly hilarious, you’ll have to hear it from the ladies directly! Sorry Yellow Fam, what happens in the Collective stays in the Collective!

Once everyone was giggling from the opening question (because how can sharing embarrassing stories result in anything else?), we broke into a listening circle where each member had 2 minutes to share whatever was on her heart. There were no rules for what had to be shared. While the exercise was met with nervousness, it also allowed each woman to open up to the group in a safe space. It was such a special time — there were tears, laughter and so much affirmation filling the room. Sometimes all it takes to feel partnered with in the midst of a struggle is someone else saying, “Me too. I completely relate to that.” We don’t need all the answers –finding strength in one another is enough sometimes.

Because this quarter’s theme was Grit, we spent a few minutes reflecting on how we’d experienced it over the past few months and whether or not the Grit workbook provided helped us on our journeys. Let me tell you guys, The Collective is full of some tough women who are strong enough to let others into their battles.

While everyone’s story differed in terms of their own grit level, the women in this group were connected by their willingness to show up and do hard things when they know the outcome is utter goodness.

We really wanted to end the time on an active note, so each member shared a way she needs practical help in the upcoming weeks and months. Whether it was wanting someone to grab coffee with or needing help figuring out brand development, the Collective women banded together to meet each other’s needs. It was truly incredible to see everyone jump at the chance to help a fellow boss lady!

After two hours of deepening relationships as a community, we closed out our gathering with a group photo…Or two…or six…_These creatives had so much fun styling photos with each other to represent their amazing time with The Yellow Collective on the exclusive members only InstagramThe Yellow Collective is The Yellow Co.'s way to bring the same empowerment, inspiration, and connection from the conference to women all year long. To end the time right, we brought gifts! Who doesn’t love those, right? Each lady walked away with a print from _She In The Making featuring a motivational quote in gorgeous script!

Here’s what some of the ladies that attended last Saturday’s event had to say about the Collective:

_“The Yellow Collective gathering felt like a play date and a kickstart at the same time. I made meaningful new-friend connections and received practical help with my new business. To sit in a room with other creative, strong, supportive women was a huge gift.” – Nicole Romero

“What Yellow Collective has offered me is a space to allow my dreams to grow. The freedom to express the matters of your heart around women who listen, encourage and love on another motivates me to keep dreaming. There is nothing like The Yellow Collective. There is no such thing as failure…you are trained to fly.” – Enelyn Villar

“The Yellow Collective was so rad to be part of! I truly felt the heart of Yellow Co. come to fruition with this intimate network of awesome ladies. It offered tons of resources to cultivate our passions and tools to better our spirits as women.” – Marissa Rascon

This is just a sneak-peek into what Yellow Co. has been stirring up over the year. We’re excited to release more details and ways for you to get involved soon! Sign up for our interest list to learn more, and for exclusive pricing and sign up dates for the Yellow Collective. We’ll see you in the Collective. 

Photos by Karen Marie Co. 

Rachel Neal for Yellow Conference Blog

Rachel Neal

Rachel is a writer, reader, and Enneagram enthusiast living in Whittier. She’s currently in the process of becoming a certified KonMari consultant, helps run a house-church alongside some dear friends, and is practicing getting in touch with what brings her joy. She’s really into reading memoirs, taking complicated bubble baths, and trying to artfully merge humor and vulnerability.