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IMG_54211When my husband first met me, he pegged me as a bubbly, carefree and spirited young girl, with zero life experience. Little did he know, behind that great smile was the fact that I was fostering my three little brothers as a single woman.

If you sit with us, and ask us our story of how we met, you’ll notice how we grin at each other and laugh because the odds were against us getting married. I wasn’t interested in any which way for lame and vain reasons; he wasn’t interested because he thought I lacked depth and experience. It wasn’t until he heard me share my story from a stage that his jaw drop and he said, I want that. 

IMG_6268My twenty-six year old self looks back at that twenty-two year old self and says, Bravo, girl. You. kicked. butt. 

The word GRIT is defined as “courage and resolve; strength of character,” and I believe we all have it innate in us. And, although we love our #bloomdudes, this is a Beyoncé style shout out to the ladies: I believe we have something fierce inside each and everyone of us, that may stay simmer until the time for the roar comes…but oh you best believe that time will come. When the need to push on when our lungs are burning, when we know we have to jump, when we finally see the exact need our hands were made to meet, and we strip off the nail polish, pull our hair back and go hard after it-these are the times we were made for-the times where the roar can’t help but escape. When we know we must do something. 

IMG_6076This series is for you, Creative Warrior.

For you, who is willing to act despite your fear; who will skin your knees and press on despite the ache, pain, tears, sweat, and blood. the ones who are not motivated by material gain, but pushed forward by an unseen, yet alarmingly unshakable force. A passion that cannot be tamed. 

She works hard, she speaks up, even when her voice trembles, because she knows that her cause is much larger than any fear. And oh, Girl, this is you. Even if you don’t know it yet. 

Watch out. This series is going to be full of stories of women who punched fear in the face, and got dirt under their nails, applicable truth for your business and life to take it to the next level-asking and answering the hard questions, and call out the Creative Warrior who might be slumbering. We’re kissing the fluff goodbye and kicking “nice” to the curb. We’re going on a hunt for an insurmountable treasure that’s value way surpasses money, fortune, or fame, and we won’t stop until it’s ours.

Let’s get it girl.


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Photos by Whitney Schey

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Sally Kim

Sally is a wife to one and momma bird to five-it’s a good story. Well crafted Vanilla Lattes and gram-worthy coffee shops are her love language. When not mommying, you can find her editing for her client friends or writing on her blog, Letters From A Mister.