Why Having a Day Job Doesn't Make You Any Less of an Entrepreneur

Yellow_2015_Day_1-24When I first decided to start my own business in the fall of 2013, it was mostly because I dreamed of quitting my corporate job, becoming my own boss and designing projects the way I wanted. After several months, my wish was granted when the company I worked for folded without any warning.

I was forced into my dream job and I wasn’t prepared for what was to come.

For seven months I worked as a full-time freelance designer and that was the most thrilling, yet terrifying time I’ve experienced thus far in my career. Success does not happen overnight, much to my dismay.

During that time, I moved away from everything I knew for the past seven years – my apartment, my friends and my community – and moved in with my parents. We held a yard sale where I sold some of my prized possessions, including MarioKart.

I expected work to come easily, because why not? I was formally trained and worked as a professional designer for a few years. After receiving my umpteenth rejection email I became defeated. One of the top retailers in the world wouldn’t even hire me as a cashier.


Today, I’m working full-time again while owning my side hustle. And I’m okay with that.

In the past two years, I learned there’s immense value in working full-time (or even part-time) while pursuing your own business. For one, there’s the security of a paycheck (and health insurance, if you’re lucky.) There’s freedom in investing money on training and networking opportunities that you wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise. You’re able to learn new skills from your colleagues by observing their unique talents as you collaborate together.

Yellow_2015_Day_2-193Your day job doesn’t make you any less of an entrepreneur.

If you’re currently working for the man, you’ll have days where you feel overworked and undervalued. But before you jump the fence, I encourage you to think about the benefits of your current situation. What can you learn from your day job that you can apply to your business? You may surprise yourself!

Photos of Yellow Conference 2015 by Caca Santoro


Holly Meyer

Founder at Holly Meyer Design