Snapchat: What's the Buzz About and Can it Actually Help Your Business Grow?


](’s been getting lots of buzz lately, and it isn’t just for teens anymore.

Snapchat video traffic (7 BILLION videos/day) is catching up to Facebook. Cosmopolitan, National Geographic, Refinery 29, and CNN all have accounts.

Even The White House is snapping, people!

Maybe you’re thinking, ‘Great, another social platform’. ‘Another thing on my to-the-moon-and-back to-do list’. I hear you! But I’d encourage you not to look at Snapchat as another obligation. It’s an opportunity.

Here’s why:

If you are a creative entrepreneur or freelancer, your business will benefit from being an early adapter. Strike BEFORE the iron is hot.

I overwhelmingly hear that Instagram is the most impactful platform for creatives at the moment, but it will become less relevant one day, and your business will need to adapt.

When there are less people on a platform, there’s less competition, and the folks putting out consistent, valuable content can gain traction quickly.

This is that moment for Snapchat. You can resist, or jump on board, give it what you got, and possibly let it become a game changer in your business.

I overwhelmingly hear that Instagram is the most impactful platform for creatives at the moment, but it will become less relevant one day, and your business will need to adapt.


]( you’re looking for ideas on how to use Snapchat as a creative entrepreneur or brand, here are 10 things to consider:**

  1. Treat it as a marketing tool. Curate your content. Be personal, but stay on brand. Give a tour of your workroom; introduce your team; get viewers’ opinions on new products; share relevant stories or advice.

  2. Think of it as a vlog. Snapchat is a way to bring your audience along with you through the day. It gives them a behind the scenes look at the real personality of your brand and lets viewers connect on a new level.

  3. Share valuable content. Whatever content you’re good at delivering—education, encouragement, entertainment, etc.—share that to your Snapchat story as a mini blog. Here is a genius example: Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What recently snapped a ‘music morning’, where she took a video her iPod playing a track with the album artwork on the screen. As viewers watched the 10-second clip, she invited them to take a screenshot. She went through a handful of her current favorite songs. Brilliant!

  4. Repurpose your most popular blog posts. How can you translate your best content to Snapchat? Share your most-loved posts in a new, engaging, and interesting way.

  5. Do it your way. You don’t necessarily have to speak or be on camera. You can take photographs, silent clips, or use the caption and pen tools to engage.

  6. Get creative. Set a timer for 10 minutes and write down all the different ways you could use video content for your biz. How can you break down those ideas into 10-second bites for killer content on Snapchat?

  7. Have a daily or weekly theme. If you’re a fashion blogger or stylist, do a look of the day. Shoot yourself in the mirror, breaking down every piece of clothing you’re wearing. Illustrator? Do a daily doodle. Food blogger? Cook + share a weekly recipe. Life coach? Share a daily mantra or affirmation.

  8. Use Snapchat to up your public speaking game. After a couple months I became much more comfortable and confident in my speaking skills. You can also use Snapchat to gain attention from local businesses and conferences that may invite you to speak.

  9. My favorite part of Snapchat—it’s less numbers-focused. I don’t know how many people are following me. I can see how many views my story gets every day, but it doesn’t feel like a popularity contest, which is totally refreshing.

  10. Tell the world you’re snapping! It’s difficult to discover new people to follow within Snapchat—they need your username or snapcode. Take a screenshot of your snapcode and share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Put your username in your email footer. Upload your snap code to your about page. Don’t be afraid to ASK! Many people are just starting to use Snapchat and are looking for interesting, engaging folks to follow.

Learning a new social media tool can be overwhelming, but don’t let it stop you. You can do it! If Snapchat has still got your noggin’ totally bogglin’, just spend 5 minutes a day playing in the app and watch these beginner tutorials:

  1. Snapchat Support
  2. Snapchat 101: what it is and how to use it
  3. VIDEO: How to Use Snapchat for Beginners\

Photos by Jessica Santos


Amanda Sandlin