Need Last Minute Gift Ideas? Check These Guys Out.

Yellow 2015 attendees…how many of you are still swooning over this mug:

The Created Co.+Yellow Co.

It’s my go to when I’m feeling uninspired, lacking motivated, and I need a pick me up stronger than coffee. The Created Co. generously gifted every attendee, speaker, and workshop leader at Yellow 2015 one of these Get it Girl! mugs, and continue to use their profits and social media outlets to inspire, connect, and empower people through their drink ware.

The Created Co. for Yellow Co. BlogJeremy and Ryan have been best friends for close to fifteen years, and had always dreamed of going into business together. After college, Jeremy was “living the dream” (in terms of business), given access to the corporate ladder at a young age. While on vacation, and finally with space to hear his mind actually process, he had his “aha” moment. What the heck is all this for? 

This is where the Created Co. was dreamed up. Jeremy and Ryan started asking themselves how they could give people the space they need to ask themselves, what am I created for…

I decided upon the name The Created Co. while on vacation during the summer of 2014. I was in Hawaii and it was so beautiful outside that I would look forward to taking a walk on the beach early in the morning to “get my head right.” On these walks I found myself to be physically on vacation but my mind just wasn’t. I was battling with what to do about my corporate job back at home. It was almost one year prior when I had graduated college, applied for jobs, and then took a really great offer that I’d received from a highly seasoned company. It was good pay, I had a car allowance and an expense card; heck I even enjoyed being a part of the sales team. It was everything a newly graduated college student could hope for. But it just seemed that no matter what I was doing, I couldn’t shake this nagging feeling that I was created for more. As I was on this beach, looking at the creation around me, struggling to understand my place in it, I came up with the idea of The Created Co.

I became increasingly aware of the beauty of creation surrounding me—from the trees, to my wife, to our friends, I was surrounded by beauty that was thoughtfully crafted. Sometimes we, as humans, forget that we’ve been created with a purpose. We can get so lost in our daily ritual without taking a moment to stop and ask why we’re doing what we’re doing. Or we drown in the messaging made to breed dissatisfaction inside of us. The Created Co.’s mission is to remind people of their purpose, using a seemingly normal, daily ritual. We strive to replace the messages of dissatisfaction with hope, truth, and inspiration and get people to seek to answer the question “What was I created for?”

The Created Co. for Yellow

We also believe that part of what you’re created to do is to spend time in a community of others. We want our mugs to be a bridge of connection for people., something that forces us to sit down, slow down, grab a drink, and enjoy the people you love.

The Created Co.

Not only are these guys inspirational, but they’re doing something tangible to put an end to things they hate, like the water and orphan crisis. They’ve partnered with organizations like charity:water through donating a portion of their profits to their Who’s At Your Table? campaign.

And they aren’t afraid to work for it.

These guys have put in the hours and the research and trial and errors it takes to grow, really grow. They get the highest highs and the lowest lows, and have taken each lesson to heart. You can hear more of their story and business insight in the Yellow Community (coming January 2016). Haven’t heard of it yet? Sign up for more info here (ps. it’s going to be awesome). 

At the end of the day, what Jeremy and I are passionate about is people knowing what they were created for…

All the while creating some of the fastest growing, well designed, coffee mugs (and now water carafes) out there. We’re huge fans of the Created Co. over here, folks, and I can attest I have more than one of their fine mugs under my tree for gifts this season. If you’ve got some last minute gifts to grab, take a look! And use this code at checkout: _Merry Christmas _before January 1st!

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