Why Investing in Your Audience is Crucial for Your Brand

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We have a saying here at Social Studio Shop
“When you take the time to invest in your audience, they will invest in you.” – Jessica Howell

Staying true to this mantra is not always easy. When you can learn to not only live by it, but also embody every single part of it — that is when you will see a shift in your social media efforts.

You will go from posting with no purpose at all to having a clear, concise, and fulfilling mindset. Social media will no longer feel like a burden or an obligation that you ‘have to do,’ but rather a blessing, a sense of pride, and something that you ‘get to do.’

My dear friends, this is what I hope to give to you. After reading this article, I hope you will walk away with the understanding that investing in your audience is not only a positive asset to your brand, but also a cleansing experience for your soul.

Shift Your Focus

I’ll be the first to admit that there is A LOT of noise out there. Believe me, as someone who lives online day in and day out, the amount of information that’s tossed at us left and right can be quite overwhelming. Buy this, sign up here, hurry! This deal’s going fast!

If I (someone who makes a living being social) can get run down by the madness, you can imagine how exhausted your audience might feel. In fact, at some point, they have probably forgone their computers and phones entirely because they’re not listening anymore. The fact of the matter is, no one wants to be sold to — no one.

It’s our responsibility as ethical entrepreneurs and conscientious creatives to show our audience that they are not just a ‘follow’ or a ‘like.’ Our audience needs to be reassured that they are more than just another number. As brands, we must focus on empathy first, then success will follow.

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Now, that’s not to say that success needs to be forgotten. Instead of thinking about success as your end goal, think of it in small steps. This is how social media works! What small steps can you take today to get to your version of success?

Today, when you’re crafting your next message to add to the giant pool of social media, ask yourself — does this serve my audience? How am I helping them? What makes my message worth reading?

“When you shift your focus to helping those who support you, your social media begins to support your success.” – Elana Jadallah

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Expressing Empathy

Expressing empathy means having an appreciation for others’ feelings. Ask yourself — how can I show my audience that they matter to me? This could manifest in many different ways: Maybe you spend a couple hours a week spreading the love on social media (i.e. interacting on others’ posts), maybe you start a campaign where you where you feature valued customers or blog readers, or maybe you decide to share weekly tips that solve a real problem. You could even offer a Q/A session on Instagram — the possibilities are endless!

When we can get to that point — the sweet spot where we shift our focus and express empathy — that is when our audience becomes advocates. This is where a follower becomes an extension of our brand voice, and THIS is the power of investing in your audience.

Photos by Karen Hernandez

Jessica Howell