Know Yourself, Know Your Brand (and a Worksheet to Help You Define it)

YELLOW CO. BLOG: BRAND YOURSELFDuring college, I was always told that each individual has an opportunity to cultivate their own personal brand.

How you present yourself on social media, in your daily lives, and how others perceive you is all part of this ‘brand.’

When Yellow introduced this seasons series, Refine, I was instantly inspired. The definition of ‘Refine’ as a verb is to become elegant, but it is also to purify. As we enter a new season, purifying the mind and re-centering who each of us are as individuals, and as a collective in our companies/workplaces is so important to making sure that we are aligning with our true selves and values.

The definition of ‘Refine’ as a verb is to become elegant, but it is also to purify.

So, let’s take things a step further. Before you can present your value or passion to others, it’s important to ask yourself some defining questions that solidify your direction and journey. More importantly, you need this constant reminder of your ‘WHY’ to keep you pushing forward.

Now keep in mind, I’m not talking about your company, or your new venture ­– this is all about YOU. If these answers align with your business, then that’s amazing, they should! And if your answers are a little off, try to find small ways to steer them in the right direction.

Here are 6 questions you should ask yourself to help clarify and define your personal brand:

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And guess what…we made this into a worksheet… click here to download and print it out!


Photo by Karen Hernandez

Sarah Heyl

Founder at SH Digital