The Yellow Conference Year Two: Freedom in Frame

yellow conference 2015

Yellow Conference Year Two is complete–but we are still seeing the ripples, hashtags, and blog posts from attendees, even almost a month later! This was one for the books. Bringing together introverts, extroverts, artists, business women, social media specialists and hardcore activists all to one spot in DTLA.

Yellow Conference 2015Yellow Conference 2015Yellow Conference 2015

Women of all sorts were greeted by volunteers (amazing amazing amazing volunteers who make the Yellow Co. world go ‘round), next to our incredible photo booth by Smilebooth, and given a bag full of goodies to get them through the next 48-hours of inspiration, growth, and networking. Smilebooth sets up a digital, portable, photobooth, that gives the picture-taker complete control over when their series of photos will be taken, and, get this…you’re able to email, text, or post your picture immediately, as well as walk away with a series of photos in your hand! Needless to say, this was a huge hit at the conference.

Yellow Conference 2015

Oh, and that unreal media-art background?

Our good friend Keith from Harbr Co. is an incredible artist, as well as a talented videographer…you can purchase art just like this background here!

The swagbags, generously donated and thoughtfully designed by VDGN, were full of goodies from do-good companies like Happy Socks, Headbands of Hope, Created Co., TOMS, Mason Bar Co., and Noonday Collection. Other fun snags were sweet hair ties by Married and Bright, Caring Magazine, stationary by Farewell Paperie, an adorable print by Nicole Santo, and our amazing programs, gifted by Chatbooks!

Yellow Conference 2015Yellow Conference 2015Yellow Conference 2015_Psstt…(just for kicks)…a little glimpse into our speakers’ bags with custom prints from Wellen Women, to-die-for totes and backpacks by [Toms,]( pcrid 71584785775 pkw toms pmt e ) and Wine from Union Wine Co…_

Yellow Conference 2015Yellow Conference 2015

The Conference was packed with keynote speakers and workshops. All full of motivation and inspiration, but marked with the importance of tangibility and practicalities…A reminder that we must work for our dreams. The best part? Yellow Co. exists to empower women to use what they have for good, so each of our speakers and each of our workshops umbrellaed under this.

In the midst of all the learning, people still made time to connect, encourage, and build relationships with new and old friends.

Yellow Conference 2015Yellow Conference 2015

YOU GUYS! THIS is why we exist! To empower each other to be agents of change and inspiration in a world that needs it. Bad. We can be the generation that invests in each other and, in turn, pour into future generations to be models of creative, tangible, change.

Yellow Conference 2015Yellow Conference 2015Yellow Conference 2015We fight for collaboration, and trump competition, because we are all aiming for the same thing: a world that embraces creativity as a marker of world change.

We embrace knowledge, and seek to constantly learn from each other, and those that have walked boldly before us.

We recognize that we, as humans, don’t have it all together, but we can use our past, our pains, our mistakes, to go out and better this great big world entrusted to us.

We were created to learn from and with each other. 

Yellow Conference 2015 erynreddy ruthie

In the midst of all our learning, mingling, connecting, and growing together, we had some _awesome _snacks provided for us by our sponsors: Kind bars, Skinny Pop, Bon Puf, Vita Coco, Sugarfina, and Tillamook!

Yellow Conference 2015Yellow Conference 2015Yellow Conference 2015Yellow Conference 2015

And, of course…the all too necessary pick-me-up: coffee provided by the ever-so-sweet Sweet Aroma Coffee! You guys, their coffee supports efforts to end human trafficking. Yes, that was a shameless plug.

Yellow Conference 2015

From all our signs (including the amazing light up: Spread Goodness and Bloom one!), by Kat Long, to the lounge areas, designed and delivered by Circa Rentals, we loved seeing all the small, intentional details come to life, and provide a space for our attendees to invest in themselves, their business, and their cause.

lightsignYellow Conference 2015Yellow Conference 2015Yellow Conference 2015

Freedom in Frame:

We chose this theme because we recognize the need for guidelines, boundaries, and care to spark our creativity, and to make lasting impacts in our field. We don’t have to fear the guardrails, but rather embrace the fact that we are all human, capable of growth, and capable of learning from our mistakes and experiences. Whether that be heartache, learning when to say yes and when to say no, or just giving our brain a break from worry, we are all capable of creating, and there is freedom within the structure.

freedominframesignjohannapeoplehangingpeoplelisteningjoannaYellow Conference 2015And, although the conference for this year has come to a close, the Yellow Co. heart does go on! We are still continuing quarterly Bloom Gatherings, blogging, and using whatever outlets we can to empower and encourage you to Spread Goodness and Bloom.

We believe in you. We believe in your dreams. And we believe in your cause. Please, keep going.

Yellow Conference 2015

How did Yellow 2015 leave you inspired? We would love to hear it!! Leave us a comment below.

Photos by Cacá Santoro

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