Spread Goodness & Bloom | Video with Oxen Made

We had a blast filming this video with our friends over at Oxen Made.

The whole premise comes from the idea that we can use what we have, big or small to make a difference in the world.

The girl in this video is headed to work, stops by the flower market to get some florals for her office. She gets back to her office, begins working, and is suddenly struck with an idea. She begins crafting these flowers into notes of encouragement. She heads down to the streets and hands them out to people. Making them feel loved, important, and encouraged.

In filming this video, we actually did this. We handed out these flowers with the desire to bring a bit of joy to someone’s day. We had a blast chatting with people, telling them who we are and why we’re doing what we’re doing. We got some really good responses.

2015-08-23 17.45.24

So ladies, this is our challenge to you. Whatever you have in your life. Be it a skill, a story, an item, use it to bring some light into this world. Spread joy, spread good. And bloom.

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