July Bloom Gathering Recap


This was a very, very special Bloom Gathering. 

Now, all of our Bloom Gatherings have been amazing, special in their own way. Full of advice, wisdom, and awareness. We’ve talked goals, raised money for Toys for Tots, and learned about human trafficking…we’ve spent time dreaming and laughing and scheming on world change+creativity together.

But, I must say it again: this was a very very special Bloom Gathering. 

This month, we had Lisa Casteller, the founder of Teen Leadership Foundation (remember this post from a few weeks back?), share with us her journey from being big-time in the fashion industry to facing head-on her burden for foster teens and those aging out of the system.

Bloom Gathering: TLFLisa, was a high ranking business woman in the apparel industry by 23 years of age. After meeting and mentoring a young lady in the foster care system, she couldn’t run from the call of action imposing on her heart. So, she began TLF.

TLF supports emancipated foster youth (meaning, they’re too old for foster care) through mentorship, housing, and providing various resources, to help develop life skills. Now, these kids are smart. I (Sally) speak from personal experience from not only volunteering with TLF, but also having our very own teenage foster youth in our home (and, essentially being an undocumented foster kid myself)–kids in and out of the system are streets smart. They know the ins and outs of things you wouldn’t believe. They’re problem solvers, and have skills that are extraordinary considering their background-they’ve learned to adapt and survive according to their circumstances. What they are lacking are life skills: budgeting, cooking, dish-washing, driving…etc. Things many of us just are assumed to know, actually are pretty difficult to learn when you’re in a group home.

july bloom gathering

This is where TLF steps in. 

They provide mentorships, budget coaching, even a living space called the Launch Pad with live-in mentors to empower this youth to not only be game changers for their own families (half the residents are moms) but for the foster care system.

Not only did Lisa share the amazing vision of TLF (they are in the works of getting a complex that can fit nearly five times the amount of residents they have now), and how she landed where she is today, she showed that dreams don’t work unless you do, and answered questions pertaining to both foster youth and practical advice on using your gifts for the good.

The questions people had varied from how can I help, _to _what’s the difference between non-profit and for-profit? 

You guys…this was a really special night. 

I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with pride that this is the direction Yellow Co. is taking, and that these are the kinds of women we are attracting. Hands were flying up and questions that were hard to answer (the best kind) were being asked. There were world changers in our midst, and they are well-en-route to breaking ground.

july bloom gathering

july bloom gathering

july bloom gatheringFrom cookies (like the amazing ones we had at this month’s gathering, by GIVE-raise your hand if you had at least four…enter emoji here…) to whole shops dedicated, like our OC fave Share and Do Good (our host for this gathering), creative women _are _changing the world, and dominating at it.

july bloom gathering

july bloom gathering

We’re so proud of the women that are a part of our crew. Our followers and attendees, you guys are rockstars, game-changers, beacons of light…and you will change the world.

Our next month’s gathering will be the Yellow Conference!! Did you get your ticket yet?

A portion of ticket sales from this month’s Bloom Gathering were given to Teen Leadership Foundation to sponsor the residents at the Launch Pad for a fun night out to facilitate community and develop a sense of family. 

Want information on TLF and how you can help? Check it out here.

Sally Kim

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