Summer Theme: Creative Advocacy + July Bloom Gathering

I felt stuck.

I was going through the motions. Project after project, not really seeing any larger purpose in my work or having an end goal.

I wanted to do something that matters, something that had purpose. And I struggled because I felt as if I couldn’t find any meaning in my daily work as a graphic designer.

This was one of the reasons I wanted to start The Yellow Conference. I wanted to hear from women who living passionate lives. Women who were kicking booty and doing it for a larger purpose. Doing more than just going through the motions. Doing more than living for fame or money.

This is what this quarter’s theme is all about: using our gifts, skills and passions for something that’s bigger than just you and me.

Using what we have to make the world a better place. To create change, to fight to further good in this world, to fight against the evil things that are happening on a daily basis.

I’m personally very excited to bring you articles under this theme, and I’m really excited to start it off with our Bloom Gathering that carries the same theme.


Whether you’re an activist, entrepreneur or are curious about ways to use what you have to serve a greater purpose, this gathering is for you.

We will hear from teen foster care advocate and founder of the TEEN LEADERSHIP FOUNDATION, Lisa Castetter, as she tells us her story and advice on running a for-good business. This woman is full of knowledge and wisdom, and I personally am so excited to hear from her.

We will be gathering at our good friend’s Share & Do Good at Downtown Fullerton. Tickets are $18 which includes food, time with Lisa, and a few goodies from us :)


Can’t wait to hang out with you this quarter and dive into this topic.

PS- our August Bloom Gathering will be The Yellow Conference! You coming? Live stream passes are 25% off up until July 4th. Use code: YELLOWJULY at checkout.

Thanks friends! Looking forward to hanging with you this quarter!

Yellow Co.

We are a community of women passionate about living creatively and bravely as Agents of Good!