The Perfect Playlist for Your Evening Soiree

Soiree: noun; an evening party or gathering…for conversation or music

It’s finally the weekend, and you’ve invited some of your favorite people over for an evening together. Delicious aromas are wafting from your kitchen and stomachs are grumbling. Maybe you have a bottle of red wine breathing or the makings of cocktails ready at the bar or icy glasses of lemonade at every spot. The appetizers are out and dessert’s ready and waiting for it’s time in the spotlight…all you need now is a soundtrack to tie it all together. Look no further—here is the perfect playlist for your dinner together!


Need to be convinced? Here’s how the playlist begins…

“Boom Clap” by Lennon and Maisy: This song was a hit when Charli XCX released it, but I think Lennon and Maisy’s cover just take it one step further. It’s mellow but upbeat, with harmonies that will stick in your head. Your dinner guests will be bobbing their heads and jamming along with these sweet sisters as they pour their first drink and dive in to those delicious appetizers.

“Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root: This throwback is a classic—the beat is just too good. When you open the door to new friends and they hear this song on in the background, they’ll know this is going to be a fun time. I’ll bet they start grooving before they can even take their coats off.

“Blue Moon” by Beck: You don’t just win a Grammy for Album of the Year for nothing… this song has the perfect combination of smooth vocals, driving beats, and happy, punchy melodies.

“Barcelona” by George Ezra: His voice sounds like melted butter and rich chocolate all at once, and from the first note he sings, he’ll make you want to just forget all about how crazy your day was and breathe easy. Let this song wash over you and relax you—tonight is going to be a good one.

“From Eden” by Hozier: You’ve undoubtedly heard “Take Me To Church” a million times, but Hozier isn’t just a one-trick pony. This song has more of what made him ridiculously popular practically overnight, with strong and catchy hooks and a velvety voice pairing impeccably with the moody music.

“We Don’t Eat” by James Vincent McMorrow: The piano notes and silky soft lyrics start slow but catch your ear and draw you in to what builds to be a perfect dinner party soundtrack song. This song sets an easygoing tone that’s perfect as you start to set the table. Plus, it’s all about eating and drinking—it’s just meant to be.

“One Night Town” by Ingrid Michaelson feat. Mat Kearney: Ingrid Michaelson is a gem—quirky and lighthearted with a killer voice to match. Add Mat Kearney’s rhythms and voice and you have a perfect blend. All of your guests will love this one—it has something for everyone.

“Bloom” by The Paper Kites: A song that starts with guitars picking and dueling together is instantly a winner (in my opinion), and it only gets better as it goes. This one’s cool as a cucumber. As they sing “Can I be close to you?” you’ll want to get a little cozier around the table and appreciate the folks you get to call friends.

This playlist has 60 songs in total—it’s sure to last as long as your dinner party does. A combination of indie, alternative, acoustic and classic jams blend together as beautifully as the ingredients in your meal do…all you have to do is press play and let the good times (and the good drinks) flow. Cheers to a wonderful dinner together!

Photos by Sandra Vuckovic Pagaimo

Rachel Dawson

Founder at Rad