Kickstarter Update!


Hey loves!

Thank you so much to everyone who has backed our Kickstarter and supported us thus far. We are riding this thing out until the end. Right now we are at $15,203 and have 263 backers with 5 days to go.

No matter what happens, we are so thankful and blessed to have raised this much and to have the support that we have.

If you haven’t seen it, we have been doing a countdown on our Instagram, asking you questions revolving around business, life, entrepreneurship and spreading good. We want to get to know you better. So hang out with us over there and participate in our q + a :) (PS- did you see that Instagram just gave us the ability to hashtag emojis?? Pretty awesome).

Last night we had our last “Evenings with Yellow”- where we live stream interviewed female creative entrepreneurs and talked a variety of subjects. They have all been recorded and are hanging out on our Google Plus + YouTube pages. Definitely check them out!

We are also doing our last #bloomtogether Twitter party tomorrow night at 7:30pm PST. So hang out with us over there as we talk about focusing on what matters and branding from the heart. All under the #bloomtogether hashtag.

Thank you again for all of your support through April and bearing with us as we have strayed a bit from our regular blogging + social media content to focus on the Kickstarter. We will get back to normal next month!

You are all amazing! Thank you for sticking around here!

Yellow Co.

Your friendly Yellow Co. team behind this community of women creating meaningful work.


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