Tonight: #bloomtogether Launch Party!


We can barely contain our excitement…the day is finally here! TONIGHT we will be having launch parties throughout the United States and Canada, led by amazing, creative, Yellow Co. loving ladies; and more than that…our Kickstarter Campaign will be going LIVE!

If you aren’t able to join us tonight because of ticket limitations or your city isn’t holding one, please stay tuned and check out our Kickstarter once is goes live, so that you are in the loop!

This is an exciting time for the Yellow Co., and for all the ladies who have been a part of Yellow since the beginning, are just starting to check it out, and the generation of difference makers to come. We are so excited to be on this journey with you!

If you are tuning in via Livestream from our LA gathering (starting at 7:30pm PST), are at a party, or are just stinkin’ excited like us, then please use our hashtag #BLOOMTOGETHER so that we can be one big tribe of excitement together!!

Spread good and bloom, difference makers–beautiful things are on the horizon!

Yellow Co.

Your friendly Yellow Co. team behind this community of women creating meaningful work.