A Day in the Life: with Emily Karsik

Bloom ShootMy name is Emily and I am the Event Coordinator for The Yellow Conference. I’ve been working as an Event Coordinator for the past 3 years, and I love it! I enjoy coming up with big ideas and concepts for an event, and dreaming of the finished product. I also like getting into the finer details of event planning, like putting together Excel spreadsheets, guest lists, budgets, contracts, and itineraries, and putting these two aspects together – the big and the small – to make an event happen!

My days differ from week-to-week. Aside from going to church on Sundays and Bible study on Wednesdays, there are very rarely two days (or nights) in my week that look the same.

A couple disclaimers before we start…First, when I reference “coffee” I don’t actually mean coffee; I can’t stand the taste of coffee. I mean something more along the lines of a dirty chai (my favorite) or a white mocha. Second, a day in my life usually results in something like tripping up some stairs, spilling said “coffee” on my outfit of the day, or some other event along those lines. But hey, this is life and these are the things that remind you you’re living it!

My day usually starts in the night. I’m typically up into the wee hours of the morning working on homework or crossing off to-do’s for The Yellow Conference. Sometimes a bowl of Reese’s Puffs helps give me that extra ounce of motivation to keep on going.

YELLOW CONFERENCE BLOGAfter I’ve made some progress on my to-do list, or finished my homework that’s due the following day, I’ll get some sleep. Until my cat comes into my room begging for food, or the sun pours into my window – whichever one happens first. When this happens, the first thing I (try to) do is have a date with Jesus. Nothing starts my day off better and right than spending time with Him, and I find that the sooner I do it the better; otherwise I get distracted and busy with the day’s to-do’s that it just doesn’t happen.

YELLOW CONFERENCE BLOGOnce I’ve had my quiet time, I’ll pack my bag and head out to the door to school. I usually stop for “coffee” at this trendy little coffee shop called Starbucks (ever heard of it before?). Then, I’ll head to school, park my car and finish any last-minute work before class. I graduate college this May so this won’t be the norm for too much longer!

YELLOW CONFERENCE BLOGHead into class armed with my cup of caffeine and completed homework for the day. I’m currently taking an Interpersonal Communications class, which I find fascinating! I may or may not doodle in my notes during class. And, in the name of total authenticity, I also may or may not scroll through Instagram once or twice, to get my inspirational photo fix for the day.

YELLOW CONFERENCE BLOGDepending on the day, after class I may take the train to Downtown LA to scout out venues for The Yellow Conference, help with a photo shoot for The Yellow Conference, or have a meeting with Joanna, the founder of The Yellow Conference. And yes, that is a second cup of coffee. Don’t judge.


YELLOW CONFERENCE BLOGAgain, depending on the day of the week, my night plans differ. Once a week, I host a small group of ladies at my house. This is our time to eat, connect with each other on a deeper, more intimate level, and pray for one another. Also once a week, I attend a Bible study with other college students. This is such a sweet time of gathering, and I always walk away encouraged by the people that are in my life. Some nights are spent having dinner with a friend whom I haven’t seen in a while. Other nights are spent at home watching Gilmore Girls reruns, eating cookie butter, journaling and hanging with Gabe, my cat (who is terrified of cameras, and many other things; which is why you won’t see him in any of these pictures).

YELLOW CONFERENCE BLOGThis is a day in the life, the way I see it.

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