A Day in the Life: with Joanna Waterfall

Starting today, we are going to be introducing you to one of our team members every Tuesday…These are the gals with late night dreams about all things Yellow, and we think it’s time for you to get to know us on a real level…So, join us, as we show you (through selfies, iPhone pics, and short commentaries) the unglamorous, untouched, authentic (there’s that word again!), exceptionally normal parts of our days!

What better way to start this “mini series” than with Yellow’s visionary and founder: Joanna Waterfall…


Wake up and scroll through Instagram with this little lady by my side!

Day in the life: Joanna Waterfall

After getting out of bed–the first thing I do is make coffee. Can’t go far without that. Then I feed the cats and get myself ready for the day!

Day in the Life: Joanna Waterfall

Next I head to my office and get started on work! Most days are spent here with client meetings, phone meetings, and getting stuff done with the occasional coffee break. 

A Day in the Life: Joanna Waterfall

My view most days: 

A Day in the Life: Joanna Waterfall

Head to a meeting at our venue for the Yellow Conference! Planning out our floor plan, timeline, and measuring…

A Day in the Life: Joanna Waterfall

On the way home stop for another coffee at one of my fave cafes: Republic of Pie… 

A Day in the Life: Joanna Waterfall; Republic of Pie

Head home to eat dinner and relax with my hubs! We wind down the day with Netflix and/or reading…

a Day in the Life: Joanna Waterfall

There you have it! Our first of few ”Day in the Life” posts…stay tuned for next Tuesday with Ms. Kathryn Wahl, our Community Cultivator!

…In the meantime…have you bought your tickets for our next Bloom Gathering yet?! For more information click here!

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