Rediscovering Authenticity: a Series

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Authenticity: it’s something that our generation deeply strives towards and appreciates. Being real, being genuine, being one of a kind, knowing and expressing yourself…we want this, we seek this–but, sometimes, this can feel utterly unattainable.

Circumstances can impede on our ability to be real–how can I be myself when this person has wounded the deepest part of me?

Other times, it can be the career we’ve thrown ourselves into, the culture we find ourselves submerged in.

Even still, it can be the tugs of our society: the magazines we walk by in the grocery store, the expectations put on us by ourselves or others to be a certain someone.

Taking time to wrestle with the question of identity is necessary.

Today, I’m not sure who I am… and that’s O.K.

We want to invite you to embrace your journey of discovering yourself; you are free to ask yourself “who am I…really?” and know that you are not alone in that question. Sometimes, being “me” means not having it all together, embracing my journey, my story, and celebrating how far I’ve come–and smirking at how far I still need to go. The journey is messy–your feet will surely get muddy–but it’s a good and beautiful trail to walk on. Being still, embracing that we are in process (and, news flash…will forever be in process)…and that is a sign of art happening–hands stained with paint, brush stashed in the hair, a redo, another coat, a new canvas…these are signs of life happening. Everything new has a messy beginning–there’s nothing together about truly living.

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These next few months on the Yellow blog, we are going to be looking at what it means to be real; real with ourselves and real with others. Whether that means on social media, in our workplace, in our creative space, in our pains…We are getting into it, the nitty gritty. Let’s get our hands dirty together, and rediscover what it means to truly live authentically.

Images via Caroline Ro

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