The End of the Month is Approaching!


The end of the month is coming up quick- which means one thing: Yellow Conference is almost upon us ladies! We are busy getting ready for the big event.

There are just a few tickets left for the conference- which we are very excited about! If you haven’t bought yours, don’t wait- they will be sold out soon!

For those of you who didn’t see our announcement on Instagram or Twitter, we have added Caitlin Crosby to our line up of amazing speakers. Pretty excited about it.

If you are attending The Yellow Conference this year, we have started a Facebook Group for you all to communicate about travel plans, rooming together, creative questions, encouragement, etc. Really just for us all to get a bit aquatinted before we hang out for a whole weekend. You can join the group here. (and please, if you are not attending the conference, we are trying to keep this page for ticket holders! Thank you!)

Ok!! I think that’s it people! Is anyone as ready for the weekend as us?? Make it a good one ladies- don’t forget to #bloomyellow :)

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