Creative Lady Inspiration: Corina Nika

Corina is an amazing talent. She runs a blog, jewelry shop and is a graphic designer. I’ve always been drawn to Corina’s clean aesthetic and warm personality. we’re  so happy to have her featured on today on the Creative Lady series!

Tell us a bit about yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

Hi everyone! I’m Corina, and i’m a graphic and jewelry designer and blogger (lots on my plate!) My husband and i are currently living on the beautiful Greek Island Kefalonia with our two babies, our husky Bella, and a tuxedo cat Shrek.

How did you get started doing what you do?

Basically i studied architectural design, but after college, i felt that my heart belonged to graphic design. I took a few online lessons, and that’s when i started my blog. Good taste and aesthetics, is not something that someone can just teach you. But having a blog pushed me to get inspired and be creative in order to evolve my own taste and style.

SONY DSCWhat drives and motivates you?

My love for what i do. The feeling i get when i create something. The need to make something beautiful, a way to express my ideas and emotions.

What does your creative process look like?

So organized! Being organized is what inspires me even more. Most of the times, i get my best ideas a few minutes before i sleep - they say that this is the most creative moment in your day. I note down my ideas, and the next day i sketch, experiment, and work on them.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Waking up at 8, tidying up the house, walking Bella by the lake, breakfast, yoga and by 9 i’m in my office working. Short break for lunch at 1:30, and then finish work - leave computer by 5. Walk the dog, relax, work on personal projects, and a movie at night.

What makes you feel alive?

Being surrounded by nature. Usually amongst the woods, breathing fresh air, discovering secret paths.

inspire_23What is currently inspiring you?

Like above, i’ll say the nature. Especially now that summer’s here, being at the beach, laying in the sun and on sand. The colors our island takes, blues, whites and lots of plants. I’ve noticed how my style changes from season to season, and i guess that seasons do have a big affect on me.

Advice for those just starting out in your industry?

Be original, never forget the reason you do what you do, always push yourself to be better and create all the time.

Current obsession?
They are so many! Ok, i’ll say maxi dresses, and yoga necklaces and bracelets.

Coffee or tea?
At the moment, cold tea! But when winter comes, i always say coffee :)

Three things that make you happy.
Laying on the sun, walking in a summer’s night with my husband, picnics.

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