Spreading Goodness Through Everyday Living

Being a woman who wants to change the world can be super tough. We desire to life a grand life that’s dripping with meaning and inspiration in every moment- but let’s be real. That is not how life is. Life is full of deadlines, paperwork, embarrassments, illness, and accidentally indulging on too many donuts.

So, the question is, how do we live a life that is worthy of changing the world in the midst of all of this chaos?? I wish there was a perfect answer. But there is no formula, no 1+1=world changer. Rather, it is a big picture idea that needs to be worked at, chiseled and refined everyday. Becoming a passionate and whole hearted person is something that happens over time.

It’s how we live our everyday lives, the small choices that we make in the midst of the good times as well as chaotic, that form us into the people we will be in years to come.

Below are some small, easy things you an do to bring a little bit of goodness to the world. Small things add up, and turn into big things. Never underestimate the power of starting small :)


Commit to doing a few of these this week. It’s amazing how fulfilling it is to focus on something outside of your own bubble. Something greater, bigger than yourself.

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