About Yellow Collective from Joanna Waterfall

The story of Yellow

Yellow was an idea that came to me in the shower – a place where our brains can finally slow down for a moment, allowing us to pay attention to our ideas. It was late 2013 and I was in a creatively stunted place. I was running my own graphic design business, feeling burnt out on competing with and comparing myself to women around me and on the internet.

I was desperate for a change.

Through various circumstances, I met a few women who were getting creative, running businesses and doing it not to compete with others, not to get rich, not to blow up on social media, but to make an impact on the world.

I was completely inspired.

I wanted more women like that in my life. I wanted to hear from these purposeful, do good entrepreneurs. I wanted to hear why they do what they do, how they got to where they are. I wanted to hear their stories and learn. Essentially, I wanted to sit in the audience of a conference like Yellow, but it didn’t exist yet. So I decided to create it!

Our first conference was in 2014, we have doubled in size for the past three years, have a collective social following of over 45,000+, a new membership platform, and have women from all over the globe attending our annual conference.

Out of the success of the conference, we launched our membership platform, The Yellow Collective in 2016 and currently have over 15 chapters and over 300 women from all over the country of women coming together for good.

What began as a small conference in El Segundo has now grown into a movement of women coming together to support one another in pursuing their creative dreams, taking risks and making big waves in the world. All to further the greater good.

Together we are working towards creating a better world for us all.

XO, Joanna

About Yellow Conference

The Conference

Featuring past speakers such as Caitlin Crosby (Founder of The Giving Keys), Sarah Dubbeldam (Founder of Darling Magazine), Vik Harrison (VP of Creative at charity:water) & many more badass world-changers, The Yellow conference gathers hard working women for 2-full days, (with the option for a 3rd day of workshops) who are ready to move forward, take risks and work for something much greater than themselves.

Creative innovators from all over the world in one room to connect, get inspired, & receive practical tools and resources to help turn dreams into a tangible realities and ultimately make the world a better place.

There is true power when we come together under a like minded cause.

Join us this year for a gathering unlike any other!

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About Yellow Collective Membership

The Collective

The Yellow Collective was launched in 2016, to bridge the gap between the once a year connections, empowerment and inspiration that happen at our conference. The Yellow Collective was built to create similar experiences that happen at the conference on a daily basis to all members.

The Yellow Collective comes with monthly gatherings, a quarterly “Empowerment Box”, and an online community and vault of resources meant to help women create their best work and be their best selves.

The Yellow Collective currently has over 15 chapters and 300 members nationally.

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