Our Saturday workshops offer a smaller, more hands on experience for those who want to dive deeper and get to the practical, tangible knowledge you need to change the world.  Grab a full day pass or choose workshop passes below.

You’ll leave the workshops with practical knowledge you can take home with you and clear action steps. Workshops are not included in the main Conference Price. Each workshop is an extra cost, but totally worth it, in our opinion! All workshops take place at The Impact Hub in the LA Arts District.

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The top two things we hear from people who want to take action on a new idea are:

  1. “I don’t know where to start.”
  2. “I don’t know the next steps to take.”

Idea Weekend is an intensive hands-on full day workshop experience that equips you to take intentional action on your idea. This unique full day workshop experience includes informative talks and feedback from startup guides, hands-on application of key learnings, personalized coaching, and support.

You won’t leave with the question, “What now?” Upon completion of the weekend, you’ll leave with a roadmap for action including the 4 key statements you need to help guide you as begin moving forward with your idea and communicate it effectively to others.

Through this full day session, you will experience:

• Conversations with experienced founders, including the Founder of Yellow Co, Joanna Waterfall
• An interactive workbook that will help you take action and focus on what matters most
• Individualized feedback and support
• A take-home roadmap for action

**This is a FULL DAY workshop 9-5 (with 2 hours for lunch) experience, different from the other 1.5 hour workshops. This is designed to give you the time to get hands on, to the down and dirty of your idea. Helping you move from “what now” to “here’s how”.


Through their LA and NYC headquarters, Danielle’s team at Elle Communications offers media, talent, and influencer relations, communications strategy, media training, and thought leadership to non-profits, social enterprises, CSR teams, ethical brands, political activists and influencers on a mission to make the world a better place.

Through this session, you will learn:

• New trends in PR + how you can work with media and influencers
• To develop your story, strategy and contact database
• To introduce, focus, refine, and strengthen your brand through the media
• To build unbreakable bonds with relevant media and stakeholders
• To help you ensure that no opportunity to talk about your brand is missed


Have a 9-5 and a 5-9? Many of us wonder how to replace our full time jobs with our after hours passion project. You know, the small business that you work on after work and on the weekends. You’re probably thinking that you’ll make this your full time job when it makes enough money and that’s the only way to see success. This workshop will walk you through an actionable plan to transition from your full time job into your dream business.
Lizzy Okoro is the founder of Yesrally, a beauty tech startup. She recently launched the company after founding Bunch Magazine and serving as it’s Publisher and Editor-in-Chief for over 5 years. She is a born and bred Angeleno, where she currently resides with her fiance and puppy, Peter.
Through this session, you will learn:

• Leave with a step by step guide on how to transition from your 9-5 to your side hustle
• How to create a budget and saving plans
• To create a calendar that includes what you need to get done right before you leave your job and what to expect your first few weeks of being a full time entrepreneur


While empathy isn’t typically listed as a skill on a resume, it’s just as important in the workplace as having business acumen or transferable skills. Fostering a sense of empathy is critical as we navigate professional spaces, and the most important person to start with is yourself.

As a lifelong empath and a professional in the female-empowerment space, Rachel combines anecdotal experiences and research-based evidence to support the notion that treating each other as humans first is the most important step in making a lasting difference.

This workshop will explore the foundations of empathy towards yourself, empathy towards others, and will reframe empathy as a skill to be learned and a muscle that can be strengthened. Through discussion and tangible takeaways, you will leave with a deeper understanding of how empathy can transform your workplace as well as your personal life.

Through this session, you will learn:

• How to lead and foster a sense of empathy in the workplace
• How to develop a healthy and thriving company culture
• The scientific evidence behind the power of empathy in the workplace
• To exercise your empathetic listening skills and put it into practice with your employees
• To build lasting trust and bonds with your employees and coworkers


“94% of all failure is a result of the system… not people.” ~ W. Edwards Deming

Systems and processes are the backbone of any successful business, yet can be difficult to know where and how to create them. In this workshop you will get into the down and dirty of creating systems within your life and business in order to get stuff done efficiently and effectively. You’ll learn how to focus on identifying what is most important right now, how to manage yourself first, then expand these systems into a team setting.

Through this session, you will learn:

• To effectively filter and focus based on priority
• To be your own manager and create systems for yourself
• To navigate the tension between switching back and forth between working on your business verses working in your business
• To balance and define executing work verses strategic / creative work
• How to bring these systems into a team setting and create a business that functions like a well oiled machine


Looking at numbers for your business can feel like a heavy and annoying task. And yet, understanding your site traffic metrics, email open rates, and finances can be the difference between taking your business from hobby to the next level.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
• Build a new relationship with your numbers (no more fear!)
• Use your data to inspire new ideas and give you the courage to actually pursue them
• Create content that connects and inspires your audience (and turns them into buyers!)

This workshop will leave you feeling empowered to look at your data with fresh eyes and new energy, and use that data to grow your business!


When there’s just one chance to make a first impression, the way we express who we are becomes the most important part of our conversations.
Holley Murchison‘s Tell Me About Yourself workshop helps bolster your confidence and authentic communication, and craft and deliver comprehensive, compelling, and generally kick-ass introductions about you and your work.

Through this session, you will learn:

• How to authentically and confidently communicate your story
• How to introduce yourself and your work to others in an effective and compelling way
• How to best use the most powerful tool you have- your voice
• All attendees receive a free copy of Holley’s new book!


You’re a rock start entrepreneur. You launched your dream company. Now you need to raise capital.  You’ve heard about several options, including friends/family money, angel investors, VCs, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer loans. But which is right for your company? You know you need to develop a business plan, financial model AND a killer pitch deck. You need to get rocking on all of this… and fast… while actually building your startup. But where do you start?!
In this workshop, you will learn:
  • If you and your business are ready for funding
  • How to figure out how much you need to raise
  • What the funding options are and the pros and cons of each
  • What it takes to get funded, including what tools you need
  • The Pitch Deck: you will learn about and create the top 10 slides every deck needs (bring your laptop to work on your deck!)


Join artist/lawyer/entrepreneur Emily Wilkinson as she shares 10 tips to making your unique personality your solo venture’s greatest strength.
Emily has been able to find creativity within her field of law, and has successfully been able to find her artistry within a world of left brains. Learn from Emily on how to to bring out your full, authentic personality in any circumstance or work environment.
In this workshop, you will learn how to: 
  • Discover the secret to unlocking and finding time for your creativity
  • Set powerful boundaries and protect your assets with ease
  • Lay a magical foundation
  • Access your superpowers
  • Lead with your feminine


Making money in business is a lot more involved than simply setting a fee for your services. If it were that easy, we’d all be millionaires! But, it’s not. In fact, it’s quite challenging because it requires inner and outer work.

INNER: Success requires rewiring your mindset and beliefs, as well as healing emotional wounds from the past. Most of us have a lot of stories running inside about money, our worth and value, what we’re capable of, etc. When we look more deeply we often find shame, guilt, and fear involved. The way forward is through. That’s why tending to this fertile ground is beyond important for success.

OUTER: This means showing up day-to-day and taking action no matter what. Sending invitations, making proposals, “closing” the deal, mailing orders, having hard conversations, etc. fall into this category. The truth about these though, is that we have to learn how to do them effectively. This means facing our own discomfort and fears of rejection, failure and disappointment—which leads us back to the inner work!

Fierce Loving for Your Business incorporates exercises for both of these areas, and invites the audience to consider how their work would be different if they loved it fiercely.

In this session you will learn:
  • the valuable mindset shift required to go from “hobby” to professional
  • how to stand in the value of their services wholeheartedly (creating greater confidence)
  • the biggest block to increasing their income
  • a better way to relate to and care for money (so you can make more of it)


Dressember is a movement of people using a dress to fight human trafficking and advocate for the dignity of all people. In less than 4 years, thousands of men and women have raised over $3 million USD.

Through this session, you will learn:
• To craft a creative approach to engaging others in an issue you’re passionate about
• How to mobilize a community of people around an issue
• To identify the new direction of philanthropy
• How to launch and lead a movement that is accessible and personal
• How to tell a compelling brand story as a movement maker


There is nothing more powerful than finding your passion and empowering others to join your movement. As creative entrepreneurs you have a unique space to mentor and be mentored, creating a lasting impact through learning to lead and be lead well.

In this workshop you will learn:

• How to distill your unique message & mission
• Transform your mission into mentorship
• How to connect with others, creating an influential experience that promotes collaboration
• How to find and be a mentor
• How to leave a legacy