When I first embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, I was instantly aware of all the beautiful work of other business owners. I was caught in the tension of being both inspired and discouraged from the endless possible paths that I could take. Confused about what I felt was my “true calling”, there were times I felt utterly paralyzed by the thought of choosing the wrong path, not to mention taking a wrong step. It wasn’t long before I realized I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. Not only do girl bosses struggle with this, but also women living seemingly perfect lives with comfortable jobs who have a secret, burning desire to go after their true passions.

What stops us from moving forward is that longing to have everything figured out before we even begin.

Instead of listening to our curiosities, talents, and passions, we go straight to needing to know what each and every one will lead to, and if it will be something “successful and prosperous”. The truth is, this tendency for us to discourage ourselves without even trying is really rooted in not being able to trust our intuition.

Today we are heavily reliant in receiving guidance through a virtual network of information, and lots of it. The most successful people, however, can attest to having relearned how to tap back into their intuitive guidance. They learned to trust their instincts through every leap of faith and necessary next step.

Whenever you find yourself crippled by not being able to see the entire path in front of you, take a deep breath, and remember you only need to focus on the next couple steps ahead. It can be foggy, and scary, and obscure, but know that our intuitive compass is easily accessible – and only a few steps away to get tapped back into. 

Get re-centered.

I can’t count how many times I’ve had to take a step back and ask myself why I decided to start my coaching business. Every time, I remind myself of how I want to truly contribute to making this world a better place. Go back to what you believe your purpose is, and use it to make decisions based on if it will help lead you to achieving it.


Listen to your body.

Our bodies aren’t very good liars. Whenever I’m presented with an opportunity in my business, I notice if my body feels constricted or energized. I know something feels wrong when it is riddled with hesitation and the chest feeling restricted. But when an idea lights me up, I get an excitement that feels like an energy current has just been turned on. It’s in that moment when intuition is speaking up loud and clear.

Imagine how future outcomes will make you feel.

Every time I’ve invested in my business, I first imagine what it would feel like once I’ve done it. If I feel giddy with possibility, then I know for sure it is the right thing to do. The first time I invested in an online course, I was confident it was the right step to take because I was absolutely thrilled at the thought of connecting with like-minded people, receiving tools that would help me on my entrepreneurial journey, and diving further into something I was already passionate about. That investment alone came back tenfold, as has every other one since that I truly had my heart in. Each has served to uplift me in ways I could never have expected.

Follow your desires.

My favorite way to tap back into my intuition is simply by exploring my curiosities, natural talents, and general passions. I didn’t start my coaching business because I had it all figured out at once. Instead, my passion to do so grew from following these desires. I’ve seen countless entrepreneurs build thriving businesses that began with one simple curiosity, and a want to explore an idea. How incredible is it to know that all we have to do to choose the ‘right path’ is follow what we enjoy?   

You won’t always make the right decisions when it comes to figuring out what is next. Nor will you always know when to invest, what to invest in, when to quit a job or not, when to venture off into a new direction, etc. But – know that is okay, and you’re not alone. Keep investigating, keep exploring, and keep learning how to read the signs of your intuition. The more you do, the more you’ll learn to trust yourself, and the less intimidating the unknown will be.

Photos by: Eun Creative


  • Tee Johnljb

    This was very timely for me. I receive your newsletters often and although I don’t get a chance to read them everytime today this one stood out. So I bookmarked it to read in my down time. I am at a crossroads exploring what direction is the right direction. I know we won’t know every step but I wish it would become a little clearer. I will follow your advice and explore my desires and see what truly speaks to me. Thank you

  • I have a problem with a fear of the future so your post really resonates with me, Kaye. I know how it feels to want everything figured out before you even take a step in that direction. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of taking a step into the unknown without knowing what’s going to be there, y’know? It’s like I want to follow my dreams but I’m scared of what will happen when I actually DO follow my dreams. So there’s definitely a disconnect there when it comes to my mindset. Re-centering myself has been an ongoing process of the past few days so hopefully this process will help me take that big leap into the unknown. 🙂