This Month’s Empowerment Packet

This month’s give back: Helping a woman in a developing country with the start-up costs to start her own business.

Check out your October Empowerment Packet Goodies:

• Interactive 47 page Yellow Periodical theme: “Come Together” complete with journaling section, workbook questions, and space to reflect on the periodical content

This is part magazine, part journal, part workbook. We have content surrounding our theme for you to dive into, questions for you to go through with your friends or on your own, as well as a journaling section for you to reflect on the theme and content.

• The Do-Good Challenge for this month

Feeling a lack of purpose and impact in your life? The do-good challenge will help you step out of your comfort zone and bring goodness into your everyday. Each month we gather around a cause to do together. When we each step out and do an act of good in the world, no matter how big or small, isn’t it amazing to think of the ripple effect of good we can have on the world? The Do-Good challenge is just one way we use the collective power of our community to make an impact in the world.

• “Together” Encouragement Cards

When we gather around a theme, we have a word and a small word of encouragement that represents how we’re gathering around the theme for the quarter. These cards are small enough for you to keep in your pocket, by your bedside or in your car to remind you of the theme. We send you one for yourself and another to pass along to a friend who might need to be encouraged as well.

• 1 Free Gathering Pass for a friend (for the first 200 members!)

Because the Collective is better with friends 🙂

• 33% off Pilot Program

We love partnering with companies and brands who offer products or resources that we believe will be beneficial and helpful to our community. Every month we send you a voucher or discount on a product that we know you’ll love.

• Printed goodies + sticker!

Because who doesn’t like goodies?