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The Yellow Room

Growing up, I loved getting lost in a good book. I remember that giddy feeling that would take over the moment I laid my hands on a brand new novel, just waiting for me to dive into its crisp pages. There was so much to look forward to – an unfamiliar plot full of possibilities. […]

Getting our hands dirty in a culture of comfort - Yellow Co.

I was raised on a little ranch in Northern California. At the time I had no idea how lucky I was to be there, and couldn’t wait to leave once I turned 18. Back then, I craved a faster pace and big city lights. After going to college in Southern California, and now living in […]

I’ve learned a great deal in 2016, but the greatest lesson of all, the one I will cherish, teach, and allow to be the mascot for 2017 is this: Complacency is unacceptable. We all know what this means in our work, creative, and personal lives. To be complacent is to be smug or show uncritical […]

Have you ever felt ashamed of your talent? Like you weren’t good enough, like your accomplishments were nothing special, like you just wanted to hide? Like many creative and entrepreneurial-minded women, you have probably felt the sting of imposter syndrome before. For me, I have been struggling with it my entire career. As a writer […]

Us dreamers, visionaries, solopreneurs, and gals with big hopes for the world, we long for people to champion our causes, hop on board, share our latest blog post, and be just as excited as we are about our plans! We are passionate!! We are eager!!! And…well, sometimes it feels like we are alone; especially around […]

You’ve made a huge decision to start a business, congratulations! This stage can bring a whirlwind of emotion, including—optimism, excitement, anxiety, and confusion. We get it. It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed at this stage. Let us help take away some of this angst so you can focus your creative entrepreneurial spirit on the magic […]

There are two books in the Bible named after women…Two of sixty-six books have a women’s name in small caps at the top of every page as a reminder to whose story you’re reading. I’m not talking from a spiritual perspective, but a historic and literary one. Do you understand the significance? Whether you believe them […]

This year has been one of chaos, of change, of newness. I graduated college. Got engaged. New Job. Moved. Marriage. Bliss. Chaos. With the beauty and the gift that change is, I’m never prepared for the grief that it’s paired with. Transition melts you and reforms you to where you feel like a piece of […]

I have a Giving Key that says “Fearless.” If you don’t have a Giving Key, I encourage you to get one, and then give it away. I bought my Fearless key for myself in January of 2015. It was my mantra for the year, and let me tell you, I pursued fearlessness in an unusual […]

Boldness: not hesitating or fearful in face of actual or possible danger or rebuff Boldness is our willingness to do the right thing when things get difficult or stressful. This means that it is used and acted upon regardless of what fear we may have or barriers we may face. Have you ever found yourself […]