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Loving people well through business - Char Co. - The Yellow Room

I started my business eight years ago on an old Dell computer in the basement of my home. It’s no exaggeration when I say I barely knew what a logo was – much less anything about business strategy. I really had no intention of owning a company. Simply, I was deeply passionate about creating with […]

Starting a business is one thing, but running a business is a whole different animal—Read on to track some of the requirements your small business legally must fulfill each year: Pay Your Taxes(!) You should follow your accountant’s advice when it comes to taxes. Below, we give you the heads up regarding some common categories […]

Us dreamers, visionaries, solopreneurs, and gals with big hopes for the world, we long for people to champion our causes, hop on board, share our latest blog post, and be just as excited as we are about our plans! We are passionate!! We are eager!!! And…well, sometimes it feels like we are alone; especially around […]

Yellow Co. blog: what I learned from being a sexual assault counselor

The call could come in at any time really. Day, night, while I’m making dinner or brushing me teeth. Sometimes, I would get the call at 8am, other times at 4am. Still, others, in the afternoon. The calls came and were swift and I’d throw on my shoes and drive to the hospital. I’d walk […]

When I started my company, Abel Impact, it was because I couldn’t find a job doing what I wanted to do. I wanted to match businesses up with quality charitable organizations so that we could maximize the good being done. I felt like most businesses didn’t know how to interface with charity (I was right), […]

You’ve made a huge decision to start a business, congratulations! This stage can bring a whirlwind of emotion, including—optimism, excitement, anxiety, and confusion. We get it. It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed at this stage. Let us help take away some of this angst so you can focus your creative entrepreneurial spirit on the magic […]

In starting a business, one of my saddest struggles has been yearning for a role model and a mentor that embodies the type of person I want to be: a mother, an entrepreneur, a wife, and spiritual. I want all components of that to be folded in together, and damn…it’s hard. Logically, I look to […]

There are two books in the Bible named after women…Two of sixty-six books have a women’s name in small caps at the top of every page as a reminder to whose story you’re reading. I’m not talking from a spiritual perspective, but a historic and literary one. Do you understand the significance? Whether you believe them […]

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me. Ya, ok… Frankly, I’d rather have the broken bones. When life throws you lemons, make lemonade. What if I don’t like lemonade? And who the heck would throw a lemon anyway? Who is telling us these things? Ladies, if I told you there was […]

Whether you’re a CEO of a company, a solopreneur, or a master of the side hustle, staying on top of your wellness goals while living the lady boss life can be challenging to say the least. With mile-long to-do lists, the temptation to push self-care to the sidelines or even out of the picture completely […]