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I’m currently writing this post while in a hotel room in China on a 22 hour layover. Yes, you read that right, 22 hour layover. They exist. I’m heading home to LA after spending the most amazing 3 weeks in Vietnam. I planned this trip last year for my husband Nolan’s 30th birthday and our 5 year […]

Yellow Co.

Every quarter, we assign our members in The Yellow Collective a community challenge. It helps to get members involved, set goals as a group, and have a bit of fun together in a way that is growth-oriented. This quarter, to go with our theme of ‘Pioneer’, we challenged our members to try something they’ve never […]


The other night I had a dream filled with images of my laptop, my Chrome browser, and me hectically scrolling through a never ending website with a flashing red screen that I had somehow ruined. Talk about a stress dream! When you’re in a position of leadership, it’s important to remember to take care of […]

My sister-in-law painted an ocean-hued Walt Whitman quote for me that now hangs in my office – a daily reminder of why I write, speak, and coach. “A writer can do nothing for men more necessary, satisfying, than just simply to reveal to them the infinite possibility of their own souls.” I didn’t start out […]

The Yellow Room

Growing up, I loved getting lost in a good book. I remember that giddy feeling that would take over the moment I laid my hands on a brand new novel, just waiting for me to dive into its crisp pages. There was so much to look forward to – an unfamiliar plot full of possibilities. […]

If you haven’t heard by now, The Yellow Collective is o-to-the-pen. Wide open until the 31st. That means this is your chance to join the COOLEST group of women I’ve ever had the chance of getting to know. The Yellow Collective members aren’t you’re average “women in business” kind of gals. The women in our community […]


I have been a people pleaser for as long as I can remember. And I was really, really good at it. Who am I kidding? I am still really, really good at it. I mean, who doesn’t want to be liked by everyone? On one hand, I enjoy receiving compliments and being placed on a pedestal – […]

Woooo!! Today is the day where you can officially become a Yellow Collective member! It’s always a bit scary and stressful to pull off another launch of the Collective. We officially launched The Yellow Collective at our 2016 conference in August, and we are constantly working on making it better and better, learning a ton along the […]

Hey ladies! Joanna here. Today, I’m super excited to introduce to you our newest team member and Editorial Director, Hanna Snyder. Hanna is from Arizona, rocks her natural blonde curls like no one else, has some killer style, and is the new face behind our blog, The Yellow Room. Hanna moved out to LA after high school […]


Three years ago I felt fulfilled as a creative entrepreneur living ‘The American Dream’: make money, buy things, repeat. There were plenty of small business hurdles to overcome, but for the most part I felt semi-accomplished. My husband and I were wedding photographers and we attended all of the networking events, bridal shows, and expos, on […]