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The Yellow Room

Growing up, I loved getting lost in a good book. I remember that giddy feeling that would take over the moment I laid my hands on a brand new novel, just waiting for me to dive into its crisp pages. There was so much to look forward to – an unfamiliar plot full of possibilities. […]

How to Network as an Introvert - The Yellow Room

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you work for someone else, you will inevitably be tasked with going out into the world and representing your either your business or yourself. If you are an introvert, that can feel like a completely overwhelming prospect. But trust me when I say that it is possible to get out […]

What Self Care is Not - The Yellow Room

If you’re like most people, you first heard of “self-care” in one of three places: from your therapist, from your friend who sees a therapist, or on the internet. At its most basic level, self-care means tending to personal needs that are within your control. This generally applies to maintaining health: working out, eating balanced […]

It was Saturday afternoon, and I was finally done with work for the week. I had finished two huge projects on top of my regular client load, and all I wanted to do was sink into the couch with a frosty beer and Netflix. Then, the phone rang. It was my best friend, and she just […]

Starting a business is one thing, but running a business is a whole different animal—Read on to track some of the requirements your small business legally must fulfill each year: Pay Your Taxes(!) You should follow your accountant’s advice when it comes to taxes. Below, we give you the heads up regarding some common categories […]

Shortly after college, I began working with a homeopathic practitioner in the hopes of resolving some long-term health issues that my western doctors hadn’t been able to treat. As part of my healing protocol, I avoided pharmaceuticals and instead opted to use traditional medicines including herbs, medicinal foods, and physical healing practices like breath work, […]

Have you ever felt ashamed of your talent? Like you weren’t good enough, like your accomplishments were nothing special, like you just wanted to hide? Like many creative and entrepreneurial-minded women, you have probably felt the sting of imposter syndrome before. For me, I have been struggling with it my entire career. As a writer […]

The numbers were looking good. Really good. We had done plenty of workshops before. They are our jam. We thrive on connecting and bringing energy to a crowd. But this time around was different. This was the first time we’d be selling our brand new course and we had high expectations. Expectations. That’s a word I’ve struggled with […]

Us dreamers, visionaries, solopreneurs, and gals with big hopes for the world, we long for people to champion our causes, hop on board, share our latest blog post, and be just as excited as we are about our plans! We are passionate!! We are eager!!! And…well, sometimes it feels like we are alone; especially around […]

When I started my company, Abel Impact, it was because I couldn’t find a job doing what I wanted to do. I wanted to match businesses up with quality charitable organizations so that we could maximize the good being done. I felt like most businesses didn’t know how to interface with charity (I was right), […]