Month: January 2017

Have you ever felt ashamed of your talent? Like you weren’t good enough, like your accomplishments were nothing special, like you just wanted to hide? Like many creative and entrepreneurial-minded women, you have probably felt the sting of imposter syndrome before. For me, I have been struggling with it my entire career. As a writer […]

The numbers were looking good. Really good. We had done plenty of workshops before. They are our jam. We thrive on connecting and bringing energy to a crowd. But this time around was different. This was the first time we’d be selling our brand new course and we had high expectations. Expectations. That’s a word I’ve struggled with […]

Us dreamers, visionaries, solopreneurs, and gals with big hopes for the world, we long for people to champion our causes, hop on board, share our latest blog post, and be just as excited as we are about our plans! We are passionate!! We are eager!!! And…well, sometimes it feels like we are alone; especially around […]

Yellow Co. blog: what I learned from being a sexual assault counselor

The call could come in at any time really. Day, night, while I’m making dinner or brushing me teeth. Sometimes, I would get the call at 8am, other times at 4am. Still, others, in the afternoon. The calls came and were swift and I’d throw on my shoes and drive to the hospital. I’d walk […]

When I started my company, Abel Impact, it was because I couldn’t find a job doing what I wanted to do. I wanted to match businesses up with quality charitable organizations so that we could maximize the good being done. I felt like most businesses didn’t know how to interface with charity (I was right), […]

At the Yellow Conference 2016, I had the honor of sharing a poem to kick off day two, accompanied by a team of extremely talented dancers. In that piece, I talked about how it was time that we as women take our place at the table—the brainstorming, dreaming, creating table seated with everyone else.  I […]

We begin each year as explorers of new unchartered territory. No one has embarked on 2017 before now. The future is uncertain but we aim to press deeper than the year before, crafting resolutions and goals to guide us there. There is something refreshing about a new start. A new year. The change of one […]

You’ve made a huge decision to start a business, congratulations! This stage can bring a whirlwind of emotion, including—optimism, excitement, anxiety, and confusion. We get it. It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed at this stage. Let us help take away some of this angst so you can focus your creative entrepreneurial spirit on the magic […]

I’ve seen a trend. Blogs are popping up everywhere. Businesses, non-profits, personal..everyone, everywhere is blogging right now. And there’s some good to it, and, there’s also some negative aspects to it. As a writer, I’ve wrestled with the increase of people using blogs as a way to share their voice and opinions. I love seeing people […]

Stillness is a great teacher when the society of noise becomes overpowering. – A.J. Sherrill Tis’ the season. The holidays have come and gone and now we find ourselves in the new year, new goals, new body, “let’s get going” lifestyle. Our list of to-dos become as long as the New Year’s resolutions people are […]